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Video advertising is a uninternet dinosaur

Navigate the browser gives users a "fast forward" button for video AD. Peak elder brother very happy. Every time I see a climax plot suddenly come in a series of long and boring ads, see again not willing to, and not enough time on the trip to the toilet, feeling really kind of insulted, be forced.
Whatsapp, founder of the advertising said no reason: "advertising is not only the destruction of the aesthetic, it can insult your intelligence quotient (IQ) and interrupt your thought process." Cows break company disdain by insulting users to earn money.
The user is not the way to the Internet. YY li3 xue2 ling2 interpretation of the first Internet thought: "always be on the user side, rather than the opposite." But China's video ads go too far in the opposite, to the point of larger foe.
First, the pictures on the Internet advertising usually have a button, let users can always X off advertising. Second, the Youtube video commercials on 5 seconds after the user can jump over it. 5 seconds the implication is that if the AD can't impress you, that force you dislike or even angry, in addition to no other effect. This reversed transmission AD do interesting and practical.
But China's video website didn't do so, not only do they want you to read the ads, but also to play with to help users to escape insult browser "alternative" game of death. Navigate to say to want to defend the rights of the user "fast forward" but wanted to video website maintenance insult user rights.
Now let's look at the other side of the coin.
Video advertising the first reason is that this is my to provide users with + advertising "packaging" of the service, the content of the third party browser has no right to change the service. If you don't like, it can switch.
Navigate the essentially equivalent to "fast forward" button when you are watching TV remote control in his hand. The first seconds ads, you turntable. But the video website will explain: you can turntable, but a second television advertising will not bad after. But is one who is, won't turntable habitual again and see the same AD; If not the fast-forward button, does someone even disgust network video advertising can also read a second is not bad, this two people there was an obvious "slug" or "brain-dead" symptoms. Video sites are lost a part of the advertising time is being viewed.
Video site's advertising is for a bunch of "habits insulted brain-dead or slug". This group of time and energy to one the success of the insulted man. This is listed on the nasdaq, with Internet stocks the aura of the company's true colours. The horse shit bright light.
Video advertising the second reason is that no one watching ads, no money to buy the copyright, the film and television of the creator returns will be less, the industrial chain may collapse. The logic of the same look glamorous justice, as well as stink.
Li3 xue2 ling2 understand Internet thinking 2 and 3 point is: the core competitiveness of products must be free, the more the more competitive things free; Each user will give money, don't expect there will always be a user to send money.
Video website will say, see, we are free, so be through advertising.
The concept is to steal. Put li3 xue2 ling2 words in a more complete, it will not cause misunderstanding, being as an insult pass: the core competitiveness of products must allow the user to zero cost, more competitive something more to do so; Don't expect each user will pay the cost, but there will always be the user pay cost.
Advertising is a cost, and video advertising is to let all users pay the same cost. What a stupid, backward business model. And the way of the Internet.
Some people would say, forced to play video advertising is to "force" users to upgrade to paid membership, and indirectly, realize "let some people pay". But the real way of Internet is that zero cost let users enjoy the core products, with a unique part of additional services to attract people pay; Rather than holding create obstacles for users to enjoy the core products, and paying part stress for smooth enjoy core products. The trick for many years before they can be used on the Internet, the result is pants are lost.
Leader of the Chinese Internet video is essentially the traditional enterprise, dry is the traditional intact online video business, veins flows the blood of the Internet. Is good at holding a hundreds of years of traditional story to financing, buy the copyright, selling ads, expand the scale, then the shielding and the fight against new entrants. The Internet products, business model, don't. Have no interest in innovation. Does not take the initiative to change the industry, just want to be a part of the old chain, sit spoils.
This is a kidnapped by capitalist industry, rather than one driven by the product manager of the Internet industry. This is why when a product manager just gave it to a "fast forward" button, users are pleased, and they seem to be compelled to jump off a building's edge. How fragile products experience, what a stupid business model, how desperate counterattack.
As for not advertising video website can make money, and even no royalties star can make money, the elder brother of the peak also curious gave li3 xue2 ling2 question, the students just starting at $3000 worth of offline English courses for free, for participants who complete the course and in turn reward 100 yuan. Li3 xue2 ling2 didn't reply. Of course, not his reply. How to make money even, even his own education industry could not think clearly.
But the difference is that he dare to do, have faith, he believes that the Internet subversion of energy in essence, the Internet can not overturn it must be subversive, he believes that only smashed up an old world can usher in a new world, he dare not to the user, to dare to break away from the old world, he believes that as long as the stand with the user can see the first ray of fresh light. He is not the past, do not mean overrating oneself.
The future of the Internet and the future of the business world, belong to such a person.
Or let the peak elder brother for a little nutrition. As a single, weak since the media can make money, how to rush out from scratch. Peak elder brother's sincerity and fumble, ought to be able to give those some inspiration to the survival of the past look on tall young diehard.
1, advertising. But only on the bottom, not in front or in the middle. Readers can't insult, don't want to be a curse, don't go. In the article the advertising effect is much better than on the bottom front. Reader is advertising for love, not because of be disturbed or held hostage while watching ads.
2, advertising content. The solicitation CXO to Mr. CAI visiting Israel this article is advertising, but also the content and valuable for peak elder brother at the heart of the readers. The trend of the advertisement content is boring, IQ insult, can only rely on money to let people see the ads will only be called boring.
Han han is said to have taken many such ads in the movie. Expect earnings of the film on this, put on the Internet for free, the more people see, this kind of advertising is more value.
And that durex, make "fusing advertising and content" interesting stuff, let netizens amaze, actively spread for it. Those still spend it on video website put long and boring spam company, the first thing is please, vice President of the other job market, the second is the advertising budget by 90%, the third thing is CEO visit durex.
3, play the reward. In three articles last peak elder brother take readers to pay treasure to account, please play gratuity, a total of 4500 pieces. Considering the pay treasure from the micro letter system, operation inconvenient, also not short of money at the same time, this way didn't last. But, on average, each article 1500, enough to buy daily necessities.
4, a red envelope. This year in the two articles likely remind readers to make money by peak elder brother advice give a red envelope, at the same time again with stock kits in return. The operation much easier than paying treasure to play of the reward, total $50000. Only the micro letter to the public, such as opening a red envelope, let can complete this process a few seconds, can live well on a red envelope.
5, travel. The elder brother of the peak, is responsible for the promotion of the planning, quality control, with the third party agencies to go abroad to investigate Internet tourism projects. The media use own professional, influence and entry position "down" to the case of traditional industry. Earn how many is not released. His guess.
6, consulting and training. Since the media, social marketing, and some big traditional newspaper group transformation, to the peak elder brother as a consultant, please play list, on commission. They have customers, peak elder brother have a practical and professional, hit it off. The income is not disclosed.
Then there is training and advice to the enterprise. I heard an old media people depend on traditional enterprises about the so-called "Internet thinking" is great. Peak elder brother to shame. This is not the media expertise, peak elder brother eloquence is poor, also don't want to be running around, few make the money. But somehow is a way, listed here.
7, paid writing. This is not a soft wen, on the contrary is reading and high levels of hard article reprinted. Premise is two, the first is to pay the company to be dry, the second is your boss to communicate with peak elder brother directly, depth. Willing to pay, the boss himself also willing to spend time, there will be irreparably. So it can ensure the quality, the three sides benefit.
It paid not buy your point of view, but buy your time, professional, and pathways. It didn't pay to you to cheat your brain rot readers, but by you to reach your audience.
8, fat make members, peak elder brother also want to do, also can make, make industry executives that group. How can be a member, errands, just get offline gathering, have to be human, how many have to take. Do not conform to the peak the style of the elder brother wild stock or floating clouds, so just forget about it for the time being.
But as long as have a partner, feng brother out media contacts, you get other, and then to get, then you can make right now.
Peak elder brother don't feel even a little bit of complacency, but fortunately, only marvel at the Internet opened to us a had never imagined that the fantasy of riot of color space. But the premise is that you have to let go of old stuff, to embrace it. To upset, not inherited.
For those who want to users eager to "fast forward" button into the video website, is doomed the dinosaurs. Short selling their shares.
Expected soon, there will be a browser "inadvertently leaked" such data, if allowed, more than 80% of the video ads will be users active X. This means that at least 80% of the advertising is invalid, this time the user in the water, toilet brush, weibo, see the micro letter, even more, complaining.
The foundation of traditional advertising has hollow, it has been based on various related to advertising practitioners of kickbacks, false data, black chain cover for each other. This is a conspiracy of system, the corrupt.
The value of video website is building on the quicksand. A conservative estimate, only half of the current market value of their true value. A video website CEO was confident said to peak elder brother, from television to the Internet advertising enough support tens of billions of dollars in total market value. But he forgot, the Internet is the time to come, but also put the rug out from under the existence of the traditional advertising value. He has made a kind of call "KeZhouQiuJian" mistake.
Finally, called on all the media to traditional media landscape is rely on fraud, corrupt and weak foundation of traditional advertising system revolution.


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