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Why do people need to take a bath

The world really have such a tree-trunk. Said before, titian unwrapped a face points to, use in three to five picture; Monet in the 19th century 60 s to 70 s, the total in their first wife card meters. Jas, tiffany pendant in recent ten years, painting, caitlin Newton, a person only. But compared to the Angle of chi jin, he three also. See the following three pictures, such as the same woman back:

When he was first in 1808, ingres 28 years old; Twenty years later, he drew the second picture; And 34 years later, his old man's house is 82 years old, finally he painted the naked woman, to a pack a circle son, and the leading role, and he drew the plane bare back more than half a century.

Words in the early 19th century, Turkish bath in the European heart is idleness and alcohol wine, sexy manul. Turkish bath, along with Turkish coffee, Turkey pipe, as sweet, luxuries, mysterious, Bohemian, sensual, decadent, exotic, "Oriental palace luxury to enjoy," he swallowed the European itch. , "the count of monte cristo," the mysterious monte cristo to put style in Paris show, and is a complete set of Porte, long pipe, Arabian coffee, and concluded that "Oriental people know to enjoy". But in fact, Britain's David library hart Mr Urquhart (David), go to come back after the revolution of the Turkish, posed such a sentence:

"The Turkish bath and Roman bath than... there is no difference between decisive?!"

These words mean, western europeans until in the end, only to find that Turkish bath once were among them -- just give up their own."

Ask touch washing liquid, as most humans born in what was the first in the world. Don't say christians to christening, Chinese old practice or precedent for a child to "three", single children down, have to scrub, then the child is only counted out clean white clean, to the world. So don't like to take a shower of the place and the people, in this life are not escape this time.

Shower this matter, can be summed up a variety of business deals, but no cent two kinds of the essence. First, the water container, or curtains or bubble, or brush or brush. Second, the water spray will be down from a height, then the earth's gravity body over again - simple said, people don't have the bath and shower. Also have one, of course, such as the 5th century BC Greek red clay, it described design: waist-high after a birdbath, one holding a spoon of water content, are covered in shed, next to the one hand into the water, also don't know is or try to wash your hands in the water.

The Greek is the origin of European civilization, for all kinds of contributions, of course also escapes to take a bath. Thousand years BC, Crete have a bath. The greeks a complete urban water supply system, cheerful bath: they both love sports, and in dealing with navigation, daily, of course, know how important hot water to relax the body, clean body and mind. Famous three hundred battle in 480 BC, play (Thermopylae) the word left to become the hot gates. Originally Thermos GMBH is a "hot" in Greek, extending to now, the bathroom in the Thermos, Latin, in English roots are inseparable with Thermo - simple example, take a bath, hot water bottle, bathroom, hot springs, hooked up as early as the 5th century BC.

After the Romans DingDing Europe, ambition, always the pursuit of style, the so-called "glorious that Greece, grand Rome". Take a shower also cannot too stingy. The Romans water supply system is very famous, not afraid of the water shortages. Roman public baths have rules and procedures, it is divided into three: hot, warm, cold shower bathroom, bathroom learn Greek round pool water. As early as in the city of Pompeii by volcanic before swallow, has a Mosaic and murals in the bathroom. Practice is cold water first, again warm bath, hot bath at last. Roman bath to learn Greek, is equipped with the atrium. Young people can walk, exercise, sit lie here chat, as now the gym. In addition, the late Roman empire, has been quite popular, a steam bath in the bathroom.

Greatness in Greek and Roman bath: they have to get rid of the "bath clean body" is the primary stage, vaguely felt the significance of hot water to the body. Then, of course, they have not the blood circulation, skin pores, such as concept, Greek medicine still stays on the analysis of fluid relation with body, the personality of this stage. But they think; Wash hot water bath is not only physical, but also is of great benefit to health. While the public baths, originally built for the convenience of citizens. , unexpectedly let baths have become people's social stage, by the way, happy place, half of the square, the fine. Ancient Rome in many light verse says, can't say on the square, BBS, speaks both to the bathhouse.

But the western Roman empire the barbarian killing, bathing the inheritance in le mouth up. The middle ages, the Roman baths along with their decadent jokes, they become legend. That time, the rich money home rich, thick, big wooden tub bath at home, candy tapestries, of arbitrary; People can't afford to household for the bathroom, you have to find a public place. But with the nations of the middle ages infighting, state, and recruiting church and lack of judah, the king and heaven is the first class, which king dedicated endure a millennium, pondering for the people take a shower? The bathhouse house no longer in the past, but also bear the Roman evils. 3rd century AD, the Roman had make the bathroom all night, men's and women's bath, then open one meat huan field: how many men lined up to go to the bath house for the night, in order to drive; The church to see not bottom go to, in 320 AD, stretched out his hand to tube, women are not allowed to go bathing, men need to overnight the casual, but only men in the pool. The middle ages, the state system of mixed and disorderly, but Canon is more and more severe, public bath more difficult. Christian gauge guarded, naked is very sensitive. Hate can't let his bathing wear black robes. Spanish Catholicism intensity, thought: "take a shower is a kind of corruption, it will only lead to naked." Plus baths in slowly to sneak into the romantic woman, is to let baths reputation destroyed: wives tube with the husband, don't let go out to take a bath.

In the end, give it all to contribute, and pseudoscience. As is known to all, the modern medical system, the doctors with universal love means, entertain foolish ideas. Many doctors believe dust can protect the skin, taking a bath, can destroy the body's immune system, like dirt is armour, can be turned off disease. During the middle ages to poor thermal equipment, don't have a complete concept of health, many people after washes the bath to cool, not to cough sneeze, occasionally infectious skin disease. The doctors peer, dreamed up many myths. For example, take a shower can let a person physically weak, the wind evil invasion. To serve god, for example, can't abandon worldly soil. Such as these, to name but a few. In the middle ages, European west smelly. Western Europe because of the need to compete with the eastern Roman empire, the more the eastern Roman empire learn Greek and Roman bath, the more fighting against, think bathing is not only easy to disease, also wise obscene.

The Renaissance, head of the church, and how much is loose, admit human clothes and face, can reflect the soul. That said: a man unkempt, ragged, most of its soul is ugly, god looked unhappy; Conversely, people targeting top clean, natural soul the tomb-sweeping day, god looked like, but doctors still don't forget it wants. Until the end of the 18th century, doctors are not encouraged to wash the whole body bath, wash wash it, it is best to only wash you can see the part of the ear and face neck, the body is to be careful. Change clothes also need to be careful, don't provoke the evil wind. So until the end of the 18th century, the steam engine has appeared, and modern science and technology has emerged, western europeans felt a little afraid of public bathroom. That era, the spa and shower or separate, hot springs were used as means of treatment, such as the leading large musicians Handel in British history, once a pulp, were sent to Germany aachen bubble hot spring, good, the back big end, wrote "messiah"; When the French revolution, for example, friends of the "people's mara work in bath crock, was stabbed a girl. But that is people have skin disease, not expose crazy, female have to take a shower to meet guests; David therefore draw the mara's death, is thought to have a legacy of ancient Greece, and also bath and light arms is actually associated...

But eastern Europe especially Islam, the name of that place, take a shower it is broad. Accounts for the Ottoman turks Constantinople, give somebody else changed name changed the name is called Istanbul, found the bathroom, copycat repaired countless public bath. Islamists clean, must be clean before church body, can't go with the true god Allah stinking broad. Faith of Muslim day do five times a week can't have too much, take a shower of frequency. In the 17th century, there are as many as 168 in Istanbul, the bathroom, the so-called Turkish bath, although have rocks eastern culture, but also absorbed some of the ancient Greece and Egypt many pies, believe a bath can not only clean the body, still can free the mind and body. 19th century standards of Turkish bath, with no decisive Roman distinction, including facilities, or a steam bath, cold bath, massage, cold water to loosen the set. Be serious, have a hot water infiltrates the body, such as the provider of the rub massage, apply to liquid foam, warm water rinse again. Happy, and then steamed. Western europeans and frown, said the pagan was a bastard, deserved it ill die earlier, while also secretly surprised: they take a bath so frequently, no immune system is broken, an ailing everyday? Is it god bless them? Can they heathens, not impossible!

Until the mid 19th century, everything started to drive. First, western europeans know: Turkish bath and Roman bath has a similar place? We are ungrateful! And then the peculiarity of medicine, the world finally know: shower don't harm to health, instead of to stay healthy? Wash away! Add in the late 19th century, modern water supply system has been forming, bathing truly to Europe.

Greek and Roman public bathroom developed, love Turkish bath, bath can build it in stone, partly due to low latitude, the weather is warm, shouldn't be frozen iceman a bath. Finns to wash the sauna, Nordic is too cold, so want to change a way, built without wooden window, so that black goodness, see the sunrise. No: Finland too cold, half a year or winter, don't choke up heat, not a bath. Russians take a bath, but also the virtue, still love make beating birch branches toward the body, "I wish her thin whip, constantly gently hit on me", not sexual orientation strange abnormal hobby, but blood line speed up playing live pores. Extreme point of the sauna, will be out of steam in the room to kill, a load into the cold water, this approach is very like do groping process in cold dishes, just use people as pig.

Oriental bath, was never so many taboos. The Japanese like hot bath - early europeans think over 47 degrees hot water is not people can bear, but the Japanese have a shower, the temperature just enough. Japanese hot spring, more and more trees, so the classical Japanese wooden tub bath, is really a history more than thousand years, but by 1591, edo beginning of the first public bathrooms. All kinds of customs in Japan, to divide the kanto kansai, so don't even like to take a bath. Shogunate period, for example, edo like hot water bath, sauna and Osaka are identified is king. Bath into the pool is very exquisite, Japanese edo period especially exaggeration: shampoo brush finished, want to go to the pool, into a door. Gnome, low door is open, the children have to bend over and into, in opaque. Japan once with mixed bath device, banned and xu, xu and banned, for many, finally banned. Mix bath it wanted romantic very much, but the tent of meeting notes at the end of the story said, mixing bath is not fun. Do you think can then, in the pool, like pig eight quit playing spider jing, touched the girl's hands hands and feet, but which girl all like this, to drill's den? Each girl to bath and the surrounding must be full of aunt aunt; Don't say you want to go to touch a girl, can't see a pull, a little touch of aunts, their more uncomfortable do not say, be aunts suddenly and violently beat beat pledge a basin of water, it is light.

Ancient Chinese people to take a bath, attention to this point: ten days holiday, is the so-called "Hugh Shang Mu", "comb mu", the shower is specially with the vacation. In the song dynasty, public bath not only become a scale, and guild system, the so-called "perfume line" is also. That time, the europeans are hate to take a bath, feel is bad for your health; Chinese are decided not to take a bath is not on a person, such as wang anshi hate to take a bath, su zhe think his untidiness, is not a serious person. Even prison inmates, summer has five days take a shower. , of course, some local customs are different, such as the so-called "shu life when a bath, died a bath" proverb, said sichuan people don't take a shower, as the 17th century French. In fact, the song dynasty in sichuan pleased with dry cloth dips in water body, not only was soaked. Yuan dynasty when the "sense of piao proverbs solution" said bath is: inner Shang Chi washing for a while, the second room sleep; They entered to washing, but the rest seat; Comb shaved head, feet, cold body, SiShi clothes, eat a few closed wind wine, spirit, and other old now has about the same in the bathroom.

Domestic new bathroom, now many imitation European routines: pool side European sculpture, Turkish bath water bath, etc. Old bathroom still invigorative: bath bubble bath, lying bunks, garment cap box, "please their valuables"! Jiangnan old bathroom and mutton soup is a little similar: begins in the autumn season, a winter business, light into the early spring beginning, want to do a full, people get fall again. Yang director had a "shower", where the old Beijing bathroom taken as the template, is roughly similar to the style of jiangnan public bathroom: male the bathroom door is big thick curtain, bed, each one key distribution chest, take off the net into the pool, soaking like dumplings under a pile of people.

Another rush drench device, beside the bath and go to the bath, which often despise. Yangzhou people proverbs yue "water cover" bags of water in the morning, afternoon, means that the older generation of all love in the morning, afternoon tea bubble bath, happy as the fairy. Big pond water foreskin soaking, is the core of public baths. So, this activity is to take a bath, more than a bubble bath.

Public bath and the bath, in fact, it is more than the category of health. I know have cleanliness, for example, or a little guy talking about health, see everybody with bathing pool, and under the dumplings, often surprised and shouted "this is also called" a bath? Bathroom probably have improved in recent years, will be posted in the pool "soap into the pool," mark, but early factory attached bathroom not so strict. When I was a little boy, I often go to the bathroom of wuxi shipyard, arrived too late and the water became a soapy soup. Yu hua's short story "friends" wrote a type of zhejiang in the bathroom, bathroom mixed feeling and warm, a few pen now.

A common bath process are: holding the bathing necessity, to head or shoulder lift door curtain, mishima yukio "tide SAO", the heroine's dad is this attitude -- that take the door, looking for the shopkeeper to the key, while chatting with acquaintances to take off the clothes. The waiter came up a glass of green tea. That take the door, look for a corner pool, put down the wash bath, try the water temperature with the feet, put both feet in, if the water is very hot, not your teeth in the filar silk air permeability; Again after a while, the half body down, then up to the neck, the hot strength of water body, first warm, then hot, in the end the whole body fever, red like shrimp, began to stab thorn itching all over the body such as the difficulty in breathing, water, two tone, have a rest. If so, shampoo, shower, someone is called a back rub, if not rubbed out, pick the waiter pass the hot towel to wipe the body, lying on the bed, drink some green tea, playing a yawn, the cable car glides graceful body.

The bathroom often have all kinds of business, such as back rubber, stand feet, back rubs, tao ear, etc. After several service call less people, master unless which stand feet really famous - we please yangzhou teacher, a son is very popular here, a good teacher is very easy to line up. Rubbed down is very popular. Husband back rubber, in fact is equal to a whole body massage, the master to tighten the towel body a rub. Early back rub a bit expensive, but few to the service; Later day better, everyone call back rub, especially before the Chinese New Year, everyone is generous, rubbed his master was in short supply, and to line up, acquaintances may occasionally say a team - of course not. Acquaintances in the bathroom, we were sorry to grab each other. Rubbed teacher sometimes see too many people, just shake head wry smile: "I want your money, do you want me to life!"

A good back rub the master can chat, as a taxi driver, and and gates. Such as rub shoulders with a look at shoulder, alert: "shoulder pain?" See who has a scar on the leg, "which hurt?" And then there is a chase speaks eloquently theory of keeping in good health. LaoNianJian shaved the master tube half entitled doctor, rubbed the teacher also top half care doctor. Ripe rubbed the teacher does not need to charge, natural hard. Rubbed the teacher have to shift, of course, usually a bathroom have three to four, which the top for a long, wearing clothes out just responsible for manned. Some return also have fun with: "the disciples of the new belt, hand the key, you teach him." I witnessed two master since rubbed into a bathroom take charge of one of the shareholders, is responsible for the tea and the shopkeeper, often not rubbed, saw only returning to old, hurriedly take off your clothes: "come here, give you wipe a!" Of course, sometimes, the guest said, "yesterday just washed, ok!" - before su shi, specially written Que word, let back rubber person need not too hard: "scale ever phase, two all no more closer look, message back rub, JinRi LaoJun swing cubits, and the light, light hand, householder had no scale."

"Bathing" in a very romantic style: wooden tray shelf liquor, dip in the pool old man pushing each other plate, sip. We here less drink white wine, but drink hot rice wine to the bath. Generally drink a little wine or mutton soup to the bath, the body comfortable warm, beaming, true can remove all ills. You lie, his dip acquaintances started throwing smoke, chat to each other, say children wife parents family. Love still the old man is reading a book (I common green cover version of the seventy s in the bathroom "shuihu QuanChuan", etc.). Angle in the Turkish bath, can see the girls of the coffee and sugar pot, we here not so gorgeous, but all of us love depend on the bed to sleep. The bathroom was not a good tea, tea less aftertaste meaningful. Manned admit, is to find some unusual liquor. His dip but out of the door, the whole body moisture is steamed out, cavity dry person, a cup of hot tea to quench. Some of the old man's house, his dip hungry, you give the waiter a cigarette, "call me out to a wonton". Lad to promise, don't smoke my ear, went out to buy a bowl of wonton, XiLiHuLu eaten, every meal.

The bath, in fact most of the time is the personal feeling. Jiangnan cold in winter, besides mahjong and bathroom over the weekend, really not warm. Eat satisfied to go to the bathroom, acquaintances, warm atmosphere, slow tune and temper again hard will become. Back rubber also few people jump the queue, shower nozzle to each other, with a sentence my father used to joke is: all naked, nothing, for what all sorry again. Wash bath and eat boiled ripe wonton steamed stuffed bun shop, retention, so my dad moved after bath or twenty minutes drive car back to the old bathroom shower. Every New Year's day, I go back to wuxi, and his father go to the bath, manned old rubbed the teacher saw me, standing up:

"Come back?" "Come back."


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