Mar 12, 2014

The wizard could find the horse boat lost in the flight?

A wizard to join Malaysia looking for lost in the horse boat airliner team, let people already in the mood of anxiety, pain, a little more skeptical.
According to reports, this is called Ibrahim (Ibrahim Mat Zin) is the famous wizard should be prime minister in charge of the religious affairs department minister jia m gere (Jamil Khir Baharom) invited and involved in the rescue work.
The locally referred to as "Raja Bomoh sorcerer-kings ()" the wizard, in Kuala Lumpur international airport, said he through his "Bubu" (a kind of traditional fishing tools, usually by the bamboo woven, Malaysia's east coast, jia state fishermen's main tool) to cast spells, found the plane still stay in midair. According to the normal speculate that aircraft navigation after such a long time, China aviation oil has already been used, how can stay in the air? "The plane was hijacked by spirits," he said, "a huge eagle over the in plane", then "the plane suddenly fell.
For this is mysterious, and description of some contradictions, we should react? A netizen in the BBS message said, hope the wizards at least his "Bubu" with good.
With regard to the wizard, we also saw the other materials in other reports. In a 2003 report about Malaysia witch doctor, is also the sorcerer told the media, said his business was so good, now already bought 13 Mercedes, also built a big house. In recent reports about him, and he described as, solved the paranormal events like the famous tower "plateau (Highland towers)", the haunted house "Villa Nabila," and another famous wizard Mona Fandey killings. But the specific details of how to solve, it is not to see.
In fact, witchcraft and medicine such as mystery worship so far is very popular in Malaysia. In the country's national museum, has been held in a "find ghost" as the theme of the exhibition, the results attract 300000 visitors. It's said to be the museum in one hundred, one of history's most popular again. Among the people, even if nowadays science and medicine than has been much progress, hundreds of years ago but many people in Malaysia (around actually also has other) after struggling is willing to seek the aid of witchcraft.
Results, as many reports said, of course, turned to witchcraft success rate may not be high, but have often been duped. According to the Chinese newspaper in Malaysia in 2012, a report in 10 months of this year, nearly 250 report was cheated by god stick or a wizard. While in the patsies, with Chinese as the most.
In public reporting, examples of witchcraft efficacy is not much, but suspected of fraud, murder case is shocking. Such as the above mentioned ibrahim great wizard "solution" Mona Fandy events, this was the case.
According to the data, Mona Fandy originally is a singer and dancer, but was later declared "voodoo" (a kind of primitive religion of west Africa) degree, and quickly became the most famous wizard in Kuala Lumpur, with her husband in Kuala Lumpur opened a wizard clinic. In 1993, Mona clinic to a guest - Malaysia's former Congressman horse orchid · idris. The united malays national organization (umno) members of the organization, the United States, turtles, mo Mona where to use the "supernatural" for themselves for promoting to a higher position. Results were hacked to death and dismembered Mona couple. After the money to the senator, Mona frittered away. Of course, she also bought a luxurious Benz.
Killing off eventually. In 1995, Mona and an accomplice to murder was sentenced to death by hanging. Particularly bizarre is that no matter during the trial before the execution, Mona display are incredibly calm, she's always smiling, wearing bright clothes. Mona killings after exposure, the Malaysian national trigger a strong reaction. People have asked to punish the murderer, and across the country to ban magic and cult.
Now, the horse boat lost affects the parties of the world's attention. In Malaysia government level is responsible for the operation of this fine m gill said the government welcome all parties to help, including the "wizard", as long as the way is not in violation of the Islam. (one half of Malaysia islamic, from doctrinal said that although Islam is not exclusive use herbs and ointment, but does not recognize the talisman of those so-called can exorcism.)
Malaysian officials will be introduced to the wizard in the rescue operation, the goodwill of the supposedly "grasping", but malicious speculation, may also be a consequence is difficult to estimate of pr behavior.
But anyway, let's continue to look forward to a miracle.
from:大巫师能否找到马航失联班机? 黄小西

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