Nov 21, 2009

London VC: European Startups Need To Work Much Harder

This is our third guest post written by a London-based VC. To allow them to speak plainly without jeopardising their fund or their career in the small village that is the London VC scene, I'm allowing them to post anonymously. FYI, LondonVC is a genuine VC and TechCrunch Europe has met them face to face.

One of the biggest challenges for any investor (regardless of the stage/type of investment they target) and founders alike is hiring great talent. In early stage investing the team may be the single criteria upon which an investment decision is based (considering how many times when that's all there is to go by) and even in later/growth stages, while the founding team has been historically crucial, bringing someone new in to help "get the company to the next level" can be the difference between investing or not.

Something I've realised and have to admit is that while obviously the absolute pool of talent is smaller here in the UK/Europe than it is in the U.S. (and that cannot be disputed nor is it anything more than a function of population) another factor. It is one which I keep hoping will change, because if it doesn't it threatens to make a small pool even smaller. And that is a cultural and behavioural issue: work ethic.

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