Nov 18, 2009

Condé Nast Will Officially Be Apple Tablet Ready In 2010, Apparently Without Apple’s Help

Well done, Apple. You've finally done it. You've got the world bending the knee for a device they've never seen, and which you deny exists. Condé Nast has declared that Wired will be Apple tablet-compatible by mid-2010, although they admit that Apple hasn't actually told them how they might go about doing that. While this isn't exactly comparable to adjusting office doorway heights in case someone hires a Yeti, the parallels are clear.

Of course, it's not so strange to want to streamline your product for tablet access. Make sure column flex doesn't break the layout, don't put critical links in rollover menus, that sort of thing. But if the Apple tablet is anywhere as interesting as people hope it will be, I doubt you're going to be reading Wired in a browser anyway. Quixotic would be too kind a term for what they're doing; not only are they tilting at windmills, but the windmills don't officially exist.

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