Mar 8, 2014

Who is the best university in China

The best university in China?
Which university is the best university in China? "Others scoldnot, only oneself scold" Alma mater or of choice for manygraduates.
Ningbo university, of course, the students may not think youruniversity is the best, but must also won't let others scold theirschools are bad. Most people may think Peking University is one ofthe best, but the tsinghua university students wouldn't disagree.Of course books even the teacher agreed to, such as wu book even2014 comprehensive strength ranking of the top 10 Chineseuniversities is: first name: Beijing university, the second:zhejiang university, third: tsinghua university, the fourth:Shanghai jiaotong university, the fifth: fudan university, 6:nanjing university, the seventh: wuhan university, 8th: sichuanuniversity, 9th: sun yat-sen university, 10th: shandonguniversity.
So talking about which university is the best university in Chinabefore, we need to define the ranking criteria. Wu book even rankdown for so many years, has become a standard of the industry, soalthough there are a lot of controversy, people basic or byreference to this standard. In 2013, wu book even will bephotographed, zhejiang university ranked the first, caused a lot ofquestions, but the data is there. Data of Peking University thisyear, so the top three of Peking University, zhejiang university,tsinghua university. Here I'd like to propose a different standard,for showing by reference. I don't remember when I graduated fromuniversity of popular the headmaster shook hands with all graduatesfarewell, this is a test of physical strength. But why did theheadmaster shook hands with all graduates? Besides blessing allfuture like scene, there is hope the apprentice after graduate, cangive money. The so-called "today you are proud of his Alma mater,Alma mater proud of you" in the future, schools may have differentsigns, but generally means rich please donate money.
China university foundation fundraising is not very professional,including the operation of the foundation, value, and how to fundprojects, etc., while running for many years, but compared to sucha big player, and Harvard University foundation is weak. But alsorapidly in the recent years to catch up. Wu book even looked at alot of things in the teacher's university rankings, such aspersonnel training and scientific research, personnel training issubdivided into training in both the undergraduate and graduateeducation, research, respectively, the specific provisions ofnatural science and social science, and so on. But does not includea consideration of alumni donations. To some extent, students aftergraduation, also willing to donate money, this may be reflected theAlma mater of appeal to the greatest extent. From this Angle to seethe university ranking will be very interesting. I am referring tothe data of foundation center network (CFC), listed in 2012 (thisis the latest data) every university foundation to attractdonations, as ranking to see who is the best university in China,as a reference for interested.

from:李华芳 谁才是中国最好的大学

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