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Wearable devices start exploring, China or overhauling

Google glasses appeared in the scene of the two journalists, let people attention to a wearable device market again.
In today, if a company, not into wearable equipment market, you are a poor company; As a wet person, if you haven't played wearable devices, you are a Outman.
Last week, spent a week in Barcelona, where there is the blue sky white clouds, more mobile market, and make a person dazzling wearable devices. MWC2014, samsung, SONY, huawei, qualcomm, Fujitsu, Intel and other companies shows the wearable device or solution, which makes the original has been a leading role in MWC smartphone become foil.
On MWC2014, we see huawei, even including lenovo has a wearable device product or corresponding plan, as well as many did not attend MWC2014 show some startups, if shell GeakWatch, inWatch have also emerged, with hardware for the main business of Chinese companies are trying to catch up.

Chinese manufacturers: Just participate?
Chen Xudong nasty.
Seems Chen Xudong force is nasty, from the jacket pocket and mobile phone, click a few, very reluctantly handed me, and said to have a look.
This is on the MWC2014, lenovo group, senior vice President, China Chen Xudong facing global media repeatedly cross-examine "MWC2014, samsung, SONY, huawei has released a new wearable devices, why can't see the hardware giant lenovo's move?" , "leaked" the image of necessity.
I see, this is a photograph of an engineer in the shape of a wooden frame intelligent glasses. After about 5 seconds, Chen Xudong leaving a mobile phone. This is a movement in the field of lenovo in wearable device, but he refused to let the media take pictures, because this is lenovo's secrets.
Barcelona Fira Gran Via exhibition center hall no. 3, is the competition of the present and the future, lenovo, samsung, SONY, nokia, LG, huawei, zte, Intel, qualcomm, such as manufacturers, shows its current and future technologies and products.
Mobile phones and tablets have been unable to meet people's attention, more avant-garde products such as smart watches, smart glasses is the people to be bestowed favor on newly.
This is the first time lenovo in "public" show its wearable devices, and by this photo can be concluded that lenovo's first wearable devices will most likely is smart glasses.
Separated by nokia, by contrast, exhibited manufacturers such as huawei was the first wearable devices TalkBand B1, looks at first sight, this bracelet similar Nike Nike + FuelBand, they can record, synchronization, the movement of people and health information, such as huawei TalkBand B1 bright spot is that it can be regarded as a bluetooth headset.
This is the first time Chinese manufacturers in the international arena show their wearable devices, but on the whole, no matter from the morphology of the product variety, product maturity, industrial design ways, such as Chinese manufacturers is far from the international giant.

International giants:Leading
Lenovo and Huawei's booth has been relatively big, but compared to the Samsung booth feeling glad, seem a lot smaller. Samsung on MWC2014, in addition to publishing Galaxy S5 smartphone, but also released its second-generation smart watches Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and smart bracelet Gear Fit. 

It is worth mentioning that these two products are not currently used in the industry popular Android operating system, the second is the use of Samsung and Intel jointly develop Tizen OS. According to Samsung official said, using the Tizen operating system Gear 2 smart watches life time increased to two days, while the first-generation Android system Gear smart watches life only one day.

Samsung smart hand ring Gear, in contrast, the Fit is a simplified version of the Gear 2, it removed the camera and microphone, using Super AMOLED material flexible display screen, it is more narrow thinner, also appear more attractive.
Samsung on the exhibition launched three new wearable devices, one of the most distinctive is the adopted advanced Super AMOLED display of material surface, while the relative to Gear 2, Gear Fit cancelled the camera and microphone and other components, but it has a lighter weight and narrower size, let the user get more comfortable to wear in the process of movement experience more comfortable Fit. Gear Fit can real-time monitor and collect the user's heart rate and frequency data, such as to provide reference for the healthy.
In addition, SONY on MWC2014 shows SmartBand intelligent bracelet (actually at CES) have been issued and the SmartWatch 2 smart watches. Can SmatBand visualization to record the user's daily life and social entertainment, trajectory, and can alert users to find activities and information on the phone, with its function, compared to similar Jawbone UP SmartBand appearance appear flat, material and color is more rich. Based on SmartWatch 2 smart watches, SONY released SmartWatch joint Garmin SW2 navigation application, the user can put SONY Xperia smartphones and SartWatch 2 to connect, which can directly see the navigation on the watch.
In addition, Fujitsu in MWC2014 issued a smart gloves, let a person shine at the moment. The gloves with built-in NFC and gyroscope, which can identify the user's gestures, so as to realize human-machine interaction. But this kind of gloves that fit the appearance of some laboratory is not very beautiful.
Finally want to mention is Intel and qualcomm, Intel at CES is touting their going into wearable equipment market and the Internet of things, and exhibited this time before the release of its patents Toq smart watches. Two chip companies and manufacturers involved in this field, is definitely a good thing.
Cold thinking: product variety of immature
Now a lot of companies, manufacturers, and small producers, the wearable device market flowers, especially lively. Two years ago, high wearable device with 3 d printing, but 3 d printing bubble soon broke, and wearable equipment rollerblading. But when you try too much product after, you will find all those created beauty is illusory, or have a distance, ideal and reality, the gap is too big. Count down, today's wearable device has the following charges:
Lost traditions: today's smart watches, function a lot, but it should be a watch first, standby time extremely short, and various design a look is very low, ah, love is not.
Hang sheep head sell vinegar: here is a big samsung it. Feel it's Gear and other products, is a sham, you bought it, if you do not have the brand of smart phones and other devices to match, that really is the decoration.
The good and bad are intermingled, now listed wearable devices, in some sense, but some really is a strange flower. I have been using a product, the first period doesn't even have the app store offers, subsequent to upgrade system.
Technology companies involved in less: the above said various high-profile Intel and qualcomm, and Google has already launched two generations of intelligent glasses, this several giant participation and investment is very big. In addition to the above listed companies such as samsung, SONY, in the most prosperous wearable do sports brand Nike and Adidas, Nike + and Adidas miCoach logo shoes have been the star of the wearable equipment market.
Don't want to trial and error: true, a lot of wearable device is still in the concept formation, none of the products is perfect. Overall, many giant or walk and see the stage, or they have secret concept of churning out a lot of products in the laboratory, but is not willing to bear the cost of trial and error, and have been waiting for.
Impact: or trigger hardware Renaissance
Mentioned above, many people may sneer, but you don't look down upon Chinese forces such as lenovo, huawei in wearable equipment market potential.
Lenovo, can be seen as the most confidence and potential in the field of hardware company, this is you, no doubt.
Gear Fit

Lenovo in the second quarter of 2013 as the global PC first, and then became the second in the global PC + market, and by early 2014, and announced the acquisition of IBM X86 servers and MOTOROLA's handset business, because lenovo acquisition of IBM PC and smooth a loss-making brand into profit and make people sit up and take notice, then on this basis, one would expect, lenovo has the ability to at least have the potential to integrate IBM well X86 servers and MOTOROLA's smartphone business.
Millet pattern is popular in China, and compared with millet pattern more bidding spree is lenovo model, lenovo seems to be a very heavy company, it has its own research and development, production, manufacturing, and so on all links of the millet is a new Internet companies, is very light, it has no manufacturing link, but with good ability of integrated marketing.
Lenovo and millet now has not yet decided, therefore, for both patterns.
Mr Yang said a words: evaluation of these two kinds of mode of heaven won't fall off for no reason.
Personally, I agree with, in the field of hardware, only functioning of the company, more competitive, not people in Taipei. Wearable devices, may be able to cause the revival of the hardware market.
Forces can thus torture: China?
Digress, said back to wearable devices. After many times, Chen Xudong facing media inquiry, always words flashing, vague. Acknowledging wearable equipment is a major trend, but on the other hand, lenovo has always take any real information.
Cool the Chen Xudong to old active show lenovo's wearable device prototype figure, lenovo has been on the road. But after all, the PC and represented by smartphones, tablet PC + is lenovo's main business, exactly when lenovo can descend on the market, is still unknown.
Say huawei, as if is huawei's home in Spain, whether it is in the heart of the city, or outlet, or at the scene of the MWC2014, everywhere you can meet all huawei, huawei's advertising, huawei. Huawei's internationalization and even stronger than lenovo, the huawei released blockbuster TalkBand B1 let people shine at the moment, although its function is not beyond the predecessor Jawbone, Nike products related to how much, but at least let people see Chinese manufacturers and efforts in wearable equipment market.
Domestic also active with a multitude of wearable equipment companies, entrepreneurs and so on, than if the shell, inWatch and so on. Nowadays, in China, wearable device is a popular keywords, on baidu, which has 31200000 search results. In a few days, Shanghai has held there will be a wearable device BBS, wearable equipment domestic atmosphere is strong.
Is MWC2014 flagship last week, I listen to a joke, in shenzhen watches about dozens of dollars, a smart and the sales price at around $300, which is promising space.
If Chinese manufacturers can play their own advantages of the supply chain, manufacturing, certainly will can usher in spring in wearable equipment market, in addition, with the further advance of China an aging society, wearable equipment market in the areas of health claims will have great development, Chinese manufacturers and the Chinese market will be welcomed.
However, we must see that giants are market meanwhile keep them. It is said that the current wearable equipment manufacturers, especially a few small manufacturers, in the future will become cannon fodder, big companies are quietly waiting for the product form mature or quietly xu li, once when markets mature, immediately come out to occupy the market, or in the form of capital operation to reach their goals.
Trial and error, can truly hold the pulse of The Times; Trial and error, can really beyond the self. Wearable equipment industry in China, come on!

from:文/CNET 《IT娱乐周刊》梁钦 @老凉


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