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Ali, Tencent's strategic and Game

"Only know what you are, what, you want what to give up, we don't lost". It was not long ago, jack ma, a word from the internal email, aims to remind employees, ali is also encouraging. Ali and tencent's competition, is the hottest topic in the current Internet, now is when I ali and tencent.

The investing public comments, one-sidedly "micro letter" was declared bankruptcy, Mr. Ma's email, is some kind of introspection.

I tried from ali and tencent strategy game of the two companies, and to analyze the two market value of billions of dollars the Internet giant dark war, as well as the evolution in the future.

First of all, ali and tencent, different style between the two companies, have their own enterprise genes and path dependence. Ali is a strategic, operating first, proactive, subversion of the company; Tencent's strategy is not clear, the heavy products, exquisite process, backwardness advantage, its business philosophy is pragmatism.

A, the core assets: ali is, tencent is user data

Then talk about the two companies' strategic evolution, the first is about ali. Ali was born from the beginning of the sentence "there is no difficult to do business" this sentence, some idealism color, however, from the perspective of the development of ali for so many years, its strategy has not been too much deviation. No jump out this sentence, that is, to do business, the business world "of water, electricity, coal".

Ali from the earliest information flow, do the electric business platform, and then cut into the flow distribution (ali mother, taobao union) and payment (paypal), then cut into logistics (such as a rookie), cloud computing cloud (ali), it's always doing business is based around the business service. Ali's business, is a cat, 1688 large taobao, day trading as power traction, into various business infrastructure services, known as "water, electricity, coal". Data, especially the transaction data, is ali's core assets.

Tencent company, its strategy evolution, or evolution of business, are in the development of middle school. Tencent's strategy is difficult to clarify, whether it is a game, or the media business, as well as electricity, video, search, tencent is backwardness cuts in hindsight.

Tencent in the PC era, with QQ chain of social relations, and pop-up binding, all the way, regardless of deities, business in game, portal, browser, input method, and so on, almost drawbacks. Tencent in the study of competing goods at the same time, also performed countless micro innovation. In a word, tencent's success, not by copying, but by product and social tool. Tencent's core assets, it is the user, interaction and lock in tencent platform from its users.

Ali's core assets, is the data, transaction data, tencent's core asset is the user, the user interaction. It also makes the two companies have a different understanding on the business model: ali was around the businessmen to make money, tencent is around the user to make money, the former is rent, the latter is the stream of people.

Ali is better than that of tencent B and strategic and tactical tencent front-runner, ali

Ali and tencent two companies' competition, and at the strategic level, ali is better than that of tencent, specific tactics, but the current because of the advantage of micro letter, get tencent temporarily leading.

Why do you say, ali strategic leading tencent. For one reason, cloud computing and big data. Ma said in his E-mail, now is the era of IT to DT (video), cloud computing, ali cloud has a commanding lead tencent clouds, even tencent clouds can catch up ali cloud, but behind the clouds, and even the data, is there is a hierarchy. Data from the transaction, the nearer the money, the more valuable.

The old saying goes "is recognized, observe its", really reflect the personal preferences, is action. Tencent, baidu, ali, and other Internet services, produces a large amount of data, but these data in production is a sort of. Sequence number is tencent and sina weibo, behind baidu search data, baidu's data as ali trading data of the tencent weibo and data is a reflection of the individual behavior, at the beginning of a certain preference, and search, at least means that at least know you can search, this is a personal preference further defined, as for taobao order purchase, this is the most showed a clear preference.

Data from two platforms, ali's data value far beyond tencent platform, the future can be mining, can expand the value of space.

From IT to DT, is not only a technological upgrading, and, more importantly, to the Internet of Chinese Internet companies - to paraphrase of baidu, the Internet is accelerating out traditional industries, so baidu investment strategy determine the middle page. Ali and tencent are also actively has Internet: ali's go to the Internet, the rookie network, investment performance is day by day along the logistics, and balance the treasure, pay treasure to purse; Go to the Internet, tencent is micro letter to pay, the investing public comment.

Go to the Internet, ma called "links to everything". Ali and tencent in all "link" dark war, one of the most obvious case, pay treasure to purse with money FuTong micro letter is the edition pay, another case, is little known logistics dark war, ali investment haier day along the logistics, tencent has a stake in south China city.

Ali led made a rookie logistics, across the country had a lot of ground, in fact, tencent also had a lot of land, second only to ali. However, the battle is not on an order of magnitude, ali novice advantage too obvious, the core of this, ali have taobao, cat 2013 turnover in 1.5 trillion days as a locomotive traction, more ten years accumulated trading data. As for tencent, recently came out of the wind that give up electricity, independent development in jingdong, in fact, a big reason is that trying to pull through jingdong transactions. Rookie logistics ambition was to build a based on electricity, nationwide logistics network, is the innovation and upgrading of existing logistics system, but tencent electric business with taobao, day cat gap too far, separated by 10 jingdong, long long way to go, not one day work.

In specific tactics, of course, tencent micro letter is a great advantage. So, micro letter pay upstage wallet during the Spring Festival can swamp the alipay purse red envelopes, so, on March 8, mobile phone taobao to so-called please north to guangzhou, and other 10 cities consumers beer and skittles, because mobile electricity just rise, micro letter is high frequency applications, development soon, ali need to fight.

Electrical business is a cornerstone of ali strategy, the electricity business pattern of PC, mobile power is still in development, there is no deal, become a commercial infrastructure services lose their strong power.

C, the two companies investment strategy and future evolution

Ali and tencent's game, but also in the field of investment. Two companies' investment philosophy, however, it is very different: ali is based on the data acquisition, investment in infrastructure services, tencent's investment, is more of a complementary business, long short board.

Ali investment strategy, on the one hand, is based on data acquisition, investment in basic services, on the other hand is to form a business alliance. Ali investment case, the two most representative one is their Allies, one is gold, au is based on the demand of the mobile data, and Scott, is because of map and data, is a mobile electricity must be cornerstone. So-called business alliance, it is based on traffic entrance - trading buy - social sharing, three steps of alliance form, sina weibo is so, and 360 of the legendary.

Specific to the actual competition, ali's investment also has a lot of factors to tencent. Such as devoted to devoted to music, shrimp, stranger is devoted to the social, dried shrimp is entertainment, is tencent's core business. This year devoted to stranger will list, it's main income comes from the game, even though it's hard to overthrow tencent can knock vibration tiger mountain.

Tencent's investment strategy, it is complementary business, long short board. Typical representative is the public comments and sogou. Investment review, because their business is difficult to win in the competition in the future, F group, gaopeng, micro life decline, in the field of O2O investment sogou, too, search do not search, rather than relying on others.

Tencent's recent performance, tencent is actually doing subtraction. Investment sogou, give up the search, the investment review, abandon O2O, gossip investment jingdong recently, is to give up power. Of course, the subtraction, also some addition to entrance lock business, with users to give their own investment company specific business contract.

Ma used in practical action to learn ma email that sentence: "only know what you are, what, you want what to give up, we don't lost".

In the future, ali and tencent, the two companies will become ubiquitous. Is ali's ubiquitous, sank to the ground, become the financial, medical, government affairs, traffic, weather, and other industries as well as the massive Internet users based services and applications, like ali cloud, pay treasure to become the world's "point, water, coal," you are using a variety of services, but don't know, this is the Power by Alibaba.

Tencent is ubiquitous, performance on the specific business, treasure, browser, application of tencent's play QQ game, with micro letter shopping, tencent will be involved in various business, to tell you that it's a penguin to provide for you.

Of course, this is just assumption, this hypothesis is the premise of ali and tencent are not to make mistakes.

Ali and tencent's competition, in the short term I like tencent, micro letter has been in power, the company lack of ideals, but more a grasp today; If put the time dimension, ali is at least three times the value of tencent, ali have business ideal or ambition, pay attention to gathering, ali group to losses for many years, but in the past two years explosive growth, it has experience as a platform. More importantly, the layout of the ali, closer to trading


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