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The unwritten rules of Chinese people

It seems to many people, especially in a lot of foreigners, Chinese is not speak rules, is very mysterious, don't you know that the Chinese have few CARDS in his pocket, you also don't know Chinese play, in what way are you still don't know whether the Chinese hid a card in his hand. In some time ago, therefore, the Chinese academy of social sciences released a survey report, the evaluation for Chinese to foreigners, is the first Chinese mystery.
I'm afraid this kind of "mysterious" has long before the reform and opening doors did not open, do you think China is a mysterious country, what the hell is going on this land of life, how ideas, do not know the land. Certainly is not the case, more is not in the middle ages, is the Ming and qing dynasty, when western people view of Chinese, it is more mysterious. In medieval Europe people's eyes, including in those big scholars eyes, every Chinese is elegant, is moral, academic accomplishment is very good. But, this kind of good is established on the basis of mysterious, once these foreigners came into China, in close contact with Chinese people at that time, the mystery of the Chinese disappeared. So, westerners find Chinese is not as good as they think, instead of the Chinese people left a very bad impression, that this kind of bad impression still unsolved until now.
For example, at the time of the book written by some foreigners, the Chinese the cunning and treachery, lazy, delicious, and whatever you do anything, let a person always scratching their temper. , of course, these westerners described the image of the Chinese, there are some discrimination, there are some insults, but if a lot of this book is so written, we really have to admit that at the time of the Ming and qing dynasty, our predecessors live not so aboveboard. In fact, a lot of people live at that time is very nasty, whether ordinary or dignitaries, when they do things like hidden rules are the same, always love o doors, when do anything before o doors, of course, is to run doors, namely to curry favor with trying to enter through the back door. Don't go with the front door, he must enter through the back door; Also don't walk or even the back door, favorite drill slant the door; China disabled people "is a large number, outstanding features, special socia Although there is a poem said: "people in and out of the door locked, climbed out of the hole open for a dog, a high voice cried: climb out! Give, free!" But, this is the modern revolutionary wrote a poem. In fact, if put the poem in the Ming and qing dynasty, also still apt image, even very apt, because many people like to climb a dog hole, instead of into the door.
People at that time already thinks like box, is so not aboveboard. In their religion, the unwritten rules is faith. Historical development today, we'll look at side, Chinese people, including our own behavior, values and methods and means to deal with problems, and the Ming dynasty, the qing people at that time is not much difference? Whether we are doing some things, in thinking about the solution of some problems, not always from the positive thinking, that is always not in from the gate, and always want to find a relationship, running a back door, send a gift. Even, some people in order to make their official when get bigger, gave his wife and daughter to large amount of sleep than they are. This news is also common occurance in today.
Some people, in order to become famous in the entertainment industry, simply even to his own flesh, so in the entertainment circle, everyone understand what is the prevailing hidden rules. In fact, our entire Chinese society is not a big entertainment? In this big entertainment, also is the prevailing hidden rules? In order to satisfy their own desires, for their own purposes, and always want to use a variety of hidden rules, always want to play all kinds of politics, always want to make all sorts of conspiracy. Think of it, such a play of hidden rules, the rules as a rule to do, how ugly! The hidden rule, the prevalence of let our society at the expense of how ah! Because the reason is very simple, if a thing can be done on the tooling, can be placed in the sun, open and aboveboard to do not need to hide, do not need to decorate, more do not need to hide, do not need to steal, hide, so both transaction cost and social cost, must be the lowest. Hiding, on the other hand, we always think about anything, hide, transaction cost and social cost is not high to blame?
The qing dynasty, the Ming dynasty dynasty people pay attention to hidden rules, we are now? Still pay attention to hidden rules, seems to be in hidden rules. But, did you find that we paid so additional social costs not only money, it is more time consuming is our soul. Although it let us get the secular fame among fortune, but lost? Is self-esteem. We for the sake of fame fortune at prostrate on the ground, do not hesitate to interrupt their own backbone, imagine, such people have what hope? Such life and pig in life, what's the difference? So someone will ask, why Chinese people are just so like rules? Don't foreigners don't like rules?
I must admit that every legal system is not sound, must be the prevailing hidden rules. The rules will make it a nation, will make this a country's national character, become very dirty, poor. In a few years ago, I traveled to India with a bunch of friends, I saw in the streets of India's police holding the stick around, they want to do? To knock the pedicab driver at any time, and the pedicab driver is also very good, saw the police directly put money into the hands of the police already prepared. So, I see, said the policeman waved the stick, go, go, go.
What is this? This is obviously hidden rules. I have also seen on the local media, many Indian people the hidden rules. This kind of tired is a bitter ah. India's corruption index has always been high, most of the time can tell our corruption index. Why will form the corruption? Don't is to believe in the hidden rules as well. So, we don't say how hateful corrupt officials, all day how hateful, pieces don't knot heart of hate, think calmly, we ourselves also created such and such conditions for this kind of corruption?
If corruption is a flowers of evil, so our culture, beliefs, values, ideas, rules, etc., are the flowers of evil soil for the growth of, sun and water. If we are able to do things done aboveboard, can do not count to three meters, open, supercilious, the hidden rules will prevail? In the hidden rule, those interests chain can also get the interests of the he shouldn't have?
Then again, why will be prevailing hidden rules? Everywhere, it and power control of everything, has an inseparable relationship. , so to speak, in a society, the more power on, uninhibited, hidden rules are the more popular. Because people always take money to do deals and power, if no money will be coloring and power. If your non-ferrous, their sacrifice; If he has no color, sent his wife and children as a tribute. This kind of situation, in the Chinese history can say, in real life are everywhere.
As a result, under the rules, everyone sat down at the feet of power, everyone is proud of can feet threw themselves in power. Then, slowly, natural power is more and more big, and people of power superstition, nature is more and more crazy, also more and more crazy, thus formed a vicious circle. The more power can't be controlled, the more power the head of warcraft out indiscriminately harm society, rape and violence in society, the more people fear, the more the more afraid, and knelt down in front of it, and looked down.
Power comes from where? In fact the power comes from the people. At the time of emperor taizong, there was a famous minister Wei Zheng, he had not said to the emperor taizong "water can carry the boat, can sink it? What is water? Water is to the people. Emperor Wei Zheng is in fact a warning, you don't feel the power in the hand, can do everything, although "wheresoever murphy wang soil," servants "", but you have to cherish" soil ", you should cherish "I", only in this way can let water float a boat. Otherwise, once too JiaoKuang, people will kill you, that is "water can sink it." In our Chinese history, when power is so great? When power can make people put down the dignity, and willing to grovel on it? Have a look at our ancient China, let's return to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, when you look at the strategists, such as shu qin, hung with five of the six phase, more cattle! Now, and I'm glad to hang your match, to do things for you; I'm not happy, I can't stay here stay ye, little guilty I can't walk, wave sleeves, not even your a wisp of cloud will I bring away.
Shu qin such person has pursuit of power, however, is through the power to realize the dream of their own country, rather than having power after disposal. Let's has always been regarded as the Confucius of the saints, in so many countries, is not the same in order to pursue power? But, what is the purpose of the pursuit of power of Confucius? Don't pursue to the power of Confucius, he can rape a female student at will? He can put all the beauty in your own bed? No. Confucius was so obsessed with power, because he wants to have power, can favor for more people, to build an ideal and civilized, every nation of the etiquette. And the pursuit of power is not cover of Confucius, is to tell you, I just want to go to the pursuit of power, and with much traveled to many countries, the disciple to universal net, focus on the fish to open the pursuit of power.
Comparison of The Times people, how much we were today! Their pursuit of public power, the power in the sunshine to do, and at that time the power of the owner, the great monarch, down to the ordinary people, everyone knows exactly how to use power, where is the boundary of the power. If you use the power of the hand, just for their own profit, historical records will write down the truth, then, write your SINS one page a page full of history. Because there is some historians are standing there, indomitable spirit, the owner of the power to dare not to do everything. Such a fear of heart, for us today, that is how precious.
I remember a story. In Qin Qiu qi when the warring states period, there was a man called Zhu cui, he killed the king JiZhuang male. Cui qi too history Mr Truthfully recorded this matter Zhu great anger, seeks the sword. Seeks the two younger brother TaiShiZhong and seeks to uncle also truthfully recorded, were killed cui Zhu. TaiShiJi Zhu cui told seeks the third brother said: "you three elder brother is dead, don't you not afraid dead? You still according to my requirements, written in the death of the ZhuangGong have to write diseased and die." TaiShiJi primly answered: "according to the truth, is the official duty, dereliction of duty, not to die. You do it, will be known sooner or later, I even don't write, also can not cover your guilt, instead a laughingstock ages". Cui Zhu have nothing to say and had to let him go. TaiShiJi walked out, facing south shi's board of Jane and come, south shi's thought he was killed, was volunteered to continue to write it, see TaiShiJi not killed, and turned away.
This courageously spirit, this spirit, responsible for the history of the great spirit, terrified cui Zhu the LianGuoJun dare to kill the guy, he had to say, calculate calculate, you love how to write how to write.
Contrast this era seeks, you ah, we how many historians today, dare to write down the truth like this? How many historians, dare after his beheading, let their loved ones and then write according to the facts? I'm afraid not. Even too history Mr Sima qian in the prison by castration, also still write down the truth. Now, however, many historians, not by others to move castration, it picks up the sword and yourself to move castration. That is to say, these historians have made self castration.
Having said that, I even more regrets, self castration historians are towering is! How much our writers, also in castrate myself? We how many media people, isn't it the same in castrate myself? How much our thinkers, also or in self castration? Can say, in many industries, people are self castration. This self castration, becomes everybody is eunuch, everyone stand up, everyone can not straighten his back, as a result, it caused the whole China's social rules, the evil of flowers blooming everywhere.
Since even can sell one's own soul, now that they can move to castration to himself, what do evil and dirty things don't come out? So, under the rules, up to the temple of the high, to the rise of power at all; Down to the river's lake away, in order to make a hollowing out, do not hesitate to do bad food is a bit processing sold openly, at due to bad bread tear on the label of the new, at processing melamine in the milk and give children eat, born at sprouts when combined with such as chemical drugs. Why is that? Many plausibly, everyone to do this, I also want to do this, this is the hidden rules, but rules are rules.
Prevalence of hidden rules ruined our national quality, also say that fundamentally make the root of our nation has been eroded. When we relish in can function in the hidden rules, when we do anything is always thinking of hidden rules can get, how could such a national civilization? Even it rich, how may be respected by others? So, since we've had enough of hidden rules, so today, you need to hidden rules do more reflection and criticism.
Shouldn't we according to the rules, life is really not live? Don't we go through the back door, but leave the front door open, it must not reap what want? In fact I'm afraid not. Although now a lot of social problems, but also have to admit that, since reform and opening up, in the whole process of legal construction, Chinese society has made great progress. Although there are a lot of judicial corruption, also have to admit that, in most of the time the balance of the law is fair. We can pick up bit by bit, therefore, the rules of the sport, bit by bit to throw away those dark, dirty, cuts hurt yourself hidden rules.
We could from a dark corner of the hidden rules, bit by bit to sunlight, without or hiding in the dark whispering in the corner. When a society is more and more attention to the legal system, pay attention to civilization, pay attention to rules, when the whole human world is becoming a real small village, what we need to think about that, we need to do is to put those noble, kind, good rule, as our true beliefs, rather than the mean, poor, nasty, dirty and gross rules, as our faith. Only have such true faith, only when the rules and is a good thing, to regulate our society as a whole, we can say at this time, we are a great country, every one of us live like a man; Otherwise, even if we will have a rich, the rich, is also extremely humiliation and pain? , of course, I know that many people already do not feel the pain, the pain under this kind of hidden rules as enjoyment, such person is the maggots on the dunghill, they think shit is the best food under the sun, they think that wallow in the dunghill, is his life.
I believe that you are watching the show, is not that one is willing to wallow in the dunghill maggots, and hope to do a certain just is in the sun, back straight. So, although our society has such and such rules, but I believe that justice will ultimately prevail over evil, the evil things after thousands of years of history, also will eventually be eliminated civilization. This is I have been the highlights of have faith, as long as don't despair, we there is hope. Stage so I though about the nationality, phase of our national character criticism, but in fact, I am for our citizens, to our national character, to our own infinite hope. Because of that, at the time of criticism, I do not despair, but can draw more power from criticism.
So, love the unwritten rules of Chinese, wake up! Don't let those hidden rules again dirty of our body, also don't let those hidden rules again dirty of our soul. Clean personhood, TanTanDangDang personhood, aboveboard personhood, stalked through the front door into the head high, and never climb through the back door. Even if we don't have much money, but in our hearts, but has a noble, the soul of gold. With such a soul, can be the envy of the whole world. When every Chinese with such a soul, our China really can be admired, and foreign talent can really feel the Chinese are not a bit mysterious, because the Chinese are in accordance with the rules of the people, is in accordance with the rules of card of the people, is TanTanDangDang capitals.
In order to do a of the Chinese, from today, let us abandon those rules, the rules under the sunshine of life, let the spring of our nation's civilization, and the nature of the spring is coming.


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