Mar 3, 2014

CarPlay is the beginning of Apple to conservative

Media reports, apple said its integration function CarPlay cars will be appear. Using Carplay, users can use in the car a more intuitive way to make a phone call, navigation operation, listening to music and access information (like text messages, etc.).
Many people for such a feat immediately began Shouting "long live", in fact, CarPlay is not a complete vehicle operating system, built CarPlay is essentially on the iPhone interface layer, on the surface of the driver in manipulating CarPlay, in essence or in the manipulation of the iPhone.
The system and iOS apple had previously vowed to launch vehicle system in the Car go backwards a lot, not in the Car as the core of innovative applications, but will the device or IPHONE on Car products, though covered with auto smart coat, essentially just made a connection to their products and enterprises.
And, more importantly, if the system is not add the label "apple", almost no what impact in the society, because it is not many creative composition, more won't let a person shine at the moment, similar products have a lot in the market, the so-called touch screen is not much in the car.
From the apple into the car, also all of high-tech enterprises, and history spent their innovation trends in gold period after, gradually in the industry in the development of the die-hards, conservative, wanted to transform others with their mature products, and to forget you once it is only a revolutionary innovation would beat those stubborn predecessors.
Of course, this is the history of law, whether business or academic powerhouse, are regularly. Nokia this fall, kodak disappeared, so Microsoft so weak, and that Newton and Einstein also without exception, from the start of the reverse the hinder others to eventually become a forward.
Apple with Steve jobs, with ground-breaking products conquered the world, but their jobs, after the launch apple computer has failed to move on, almost led to the bankruptcy of the apple, so, today's apple, not the results of jobs's death, no matter who, in the history of apple and other great companies, will slowly on the path of industry obstacles.
We want to again, the trajectory is not affect apple's great, great belong to an era, is not eternal. Any expectations or believe apple always on time's ideas are not realistic, new innovators and overthrown, is having another great era is about to open.

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