Jul 21, 2013

The good news! The United Nations suddenly a large territory of China

China won the 3000 square kilometers of the International Seabed Area

In July 19, 2013, in Jamaica the capital city of Kingston at the International Seabed Authority nineteenth session Council approval, put forward China Ocean association international submarine cobalt-rich crust resources exploration and mining claims. China Ocean International Seabed Mining Association of successThe exclusive rights of explorationAndPriority of mining right,The mining area in the West Pacific Ocean, an area of 3000 square kilometersFollowing the 2001 Association, is the ocean polymetallic nodule exploration area in 2011, in the eastern Pacific Ocean Polymetallic Sulfide prospecting area in southwest India ocean, third exclusive exploration and mining in the international seabed area.

According to foreign ministry web site reported, in the Chinese government guarantees, China Ocean Association in 2012 July to the International Seabed Authority proposed cobalt crust mining claims.The meeting also approved the application diggings Japan proposed, four mining area but Russia, Britain, India, Singapore has different resource application has been delayed until the next review.

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