Jul 22, 2013

Four smoke! Russia's 160000 National People's Congress

The original title: four smoke! 160000 of Russia's military field exposure (from Beijing)

  Introduction: Recently, Russian troops held a large scale in the Far EastMilitaryExercise, a total of 160000 participants, over the years rare. This atlas for exercises in Eastern military force in the Zugor range of water barrier of the tactical exercises scene picture. The picture from the Russian world arms trade center director "defense" magazine editor-in-chief coronation publicly in person on the log. Russian President Dmitry Putin also flew to visit the scene of the exercise.

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President Putin took a helicopter ride to Zugor 247th armies to synthetic training field, watching the July 17th evening by Novosibirsk and zabaykalsky Krai into this aggregation (Chita, thirty-sixth (twenty-ninth), forty-first (Yule Ulan-Ude) plus) Army Corps were forced to cross the river bilateral tactical exercises, to oversee the troops move, air reconnaissance, the use of unmanned aerial vehicle.

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