Jul 22, 2013

Print media: hundreds of Chinese soldiers crossed the line of control carried banners demanding the withdrawal of India

The original title: print media stir-fried PLA new "intrusion" worry war Prelude

[Global Times special correspondent in India Lu Fangming Li Yuan] in Xiaoting not after a few days, the India media hype up the Liberation Army 21 days once more "transgression events". "India times" announced the same day, July 16th and 17, two days, about 100 people a Chinese troops crossed the "east line of control" in Ladakh, carrying banners asked India to withdraw from "occupation" region. India CNN-IBN news said, the April to May in Ladakh had the similar incident, "confrontation" time for 21 days, but the number is not the more the pla. India concerns China, "repeated invasions" war "prelude" upcoming India; also has India's military source said, not a neighboring with India, unless New Delhi a sensible foreign policy.

"India times" 21 days of exclusive reports, "cross-border" Liberation Army rode along, with India border guards "face to face with", then returned the previous location, event alerted India defense, diplomacy and the prime minister's office. A India official said, "face to face the situation lasted for two days, and 1 Chinese vehicle malfunction, 18 days to restore the status quo". India Zee News news network reported, India has asked the militaryThe commanderMeeting to discuss this event.At the same time, New Delhi, the country peaceful high-level "China team" has been called diplomatic, defense, interior, CIA and collecting external information of the India Bureau of investigation related meetings convened.

"India times" rendering, "Chinese dragon" once again move constantly, this incident increased gradually in the two Asian giants temperature relationship. India media said, the past 3 years the people's Liberation Army "cross-border" more than 600 times. 17 last month, the PLA 1 patrol in qumar segment boundaries, demolition of India surveillance cameras, until India's Defense Ministry of Changan Tony visit to Beijing the day before the return. Anthony arrived in Beijing in early 7, with Chinese Defense Minister often million session after talking, he expressed satisfaction over the outcome of the talks. The two countries are on 1 new frontier defense cooperation agreement China previously proposed for discussion.

After the India media the latest disclosure of Chinese troops into India "territory", India's ruling Congress party expresses 21 days, India is ready to respond to any "invasion" from the Chinese action. Congress Party spokesman Mim Afzal comment on these reports said, "invasion" is not a new idea, any unexpected situation struggle in India has been completely ready and on the border, "there is always some things happen at the border, this is nothing new, can be solved through negotiations way. In the event you are talking about the media reports out, I also not accurate information, the Department of defense and the Ministry of foreign affairs is more qualified to talk about it. Our country is strong enough, without having to worry about anyone." India media 21 days to mention again,The India government approved within 7 years of the formation of a mountain strike corps of about 50000 troopsThe news has been "from china".

"India's defense of" magazine editor Velma 21 said, China knows India is weak and powerless, Chinese Army repeatedly "invasion" prelude to war is coming in India's "".Velma said: "they (the Chinese) India is expected to become very powerful in the future days, they know that New Delhi today no position, leadership in the political paralysis." A retired Air Force lieutenant general A K Singer said, with a nervous history for the borders between the two countries, China has "acupuncture" India, he suggested that the India leadership should continue to put forward this problem.However, India's former army chief of staff V K Singer expressed a different opinion.According to India, "Daily News and analysis of newspaper" reported, Singer said, India today with China border disputes caused by India disability policy on this issue, China and the vast majority of neighboring countries have fixed boundary. Now is not a neighboring satisfied India, unless India has informed foreign policy.

The United States of America "defense news" that, despite the diplomatic negotiations continue, but India analysts and defense officials think, the border dispute will not be solved properly in the short term. China and India have been in border areas to build facilities, and the deployment of weapons and equipment.However, if India is ready to play a potential war with China in the near future, the possibility is very small. The India defense analyst Bosley said, in the comprehensive national strength is not enough to sustain the level before the war, the two countries will maintain the status quo, and this situation will continue for a long time.

According to "India times" reported, India security department 21, suggested that the Ministry of the interior to prosecute 3 "invasion" of the Chinese territory of India. Reports say, these people are from Xinjiang, was arrested in June 12th in northern Ladakh, here is the India-China border confrontation. The 3 men with a large political map, also carrying a simple tool, containing egg canned food, 900 yuan in China and leather jacket. India security department said, the 3 men knew India border patrol in the Ladakh region of the route and the border post position, lied at the trial. "Global Times" reporter 21, got the news is, these people are being held in leh, guard the indo-tibet border police force.

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