Jul 21, 2013

Japanese media said the Chinese or anti-satellite weapons to U.S. involvement the Diaoyu Islands

On China's anti-access / area-denial strategy, as a popular theory, China will "best" -- launch missile saturation attack mass to the United States and Japan base, to occupy the advantage, win quickly.

[Japan "foreign scholars" magazine website July 19th article] title: anti-access strategy the United States airsea battle for China: who is the winner? (author of the magazine editor Harry Kaziyanis) recently, a colleague asked me a very simple question: if the United States of America the airsea battle (ASB) really and China's anti-access / area-denial strategy (A2/AD) duke it out, who will win?

The answer is very simple: who never win.

However, please allow me to my back a few words. These two concepts are a key point to be blurred out, that is, the possibility of conflict and conflict situations in which may upgrade to what extent. If the air - war and anti-access strategies should really hard, the key problem lies in the details. Although experts are keen to discuss and analyze the possible use of any weapon and how to use these weapons, but the use of these weapons in the background and then how will things develop equally important. In such a situation, play a critical role in the background.

Let us take time to think, may result inU. S.The outbreak of the conflict parties.Mind two:The Diaoyu IslandsThe escalation of disputes or territorial disputes in the South China Sea deterioration.

The outbreak of the conflict, the most likely -- despite the current tense atmosphere, but also far away from the conflict seemed one is Japan in the East China Sea dispute. The most likely scenario is a ship or aircraft accident collision.Diplomatic efforts failed, and some people for some reason, to escalate, and is ready to make trouble, to send troops landed on the disputed islands or manufacturing eraser was possessed by the event. In this case, we assume thatU. S.Will come to the aid of japan.

So, what happens next? Forecast the trend of this situation is almost impossible, draw some conclusions but we can from the American scholars write papers in this issue.

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