Jul 21, 2013

China has been surrounded by the Japanese submarine 18 boat look at fiercely as a tiger does

Commissioned in 2009, "black dragon" class submarine underwater drainage volume reached 4100 tons, is the world's largest conventional submarine.

According to the international authoritative organization statistics, the next 10 years, the Asia-Pacific region will have at least 9 countries and regions to implement the 18 submarine construction projects, involving 83 submarines, of which at least half of AIP submarine.

With the increasingly fierce competition of sea rights, in recent years China's neighboring countries have been trying to increase its military power, especially naval strength. Many countries have paid great attention to the construction of the submarine force, and it has the potential of race each other.

    Japan: submarine service life short, new model

After the surrender of Japan's defeat in World War II, the military capacity was almost completely destroyed, due to the "Peace Constitution" and the international treaty limitations, it can only be the development of conventional submarine. For decades, Japan in this regard is under the foot of the effort, now, the country has become one of the most advanced technology in the world of conventional submarine.

Since the 60's of last century, Japan has made the "early" summer "tide" "tide" toward "tide" "whirlpool" "Xi" tide "Oyashio" as well as the new AIP (air independent propulsion) "dragon", a total of eight kinds of models of submarine. Now,The Japanese NavyA total of 3 class of 18 submarines, including 5 ships "dragon", 11 ships "Oyashio" and 2 "spring".

AsThe Japanese submarineIn the main, "Oyashio" class is one of the largest in the world of conventional submarine discharge,Water drainage amountUp to 3000 tons. The class submarine with guide 6Wire-guided torpedoThe ability to attack surface and underwater targets, at the same time with "harpoon" submarineAnti-ship missileAnd the 89 typeWire-guided torpedoThe number of tasks, can carry out underwater anti-ship, anti-submarine and reconnaissance, mine etc..

And commissioned in 2009, "black dragon" class submarineWater drainage amountIt reached 4100 tons, is the world's largest conventional submarine. This type of boat with the AIP system, so that the water continuously submerged time can be prolonged to 3 weeks.

In recent years,The Japanese NavyBasically every year in accordance with the retirement of a service, a way of old and new submarine replacement work, therefore, the service life is short, a new model of submarine.However, nowThe Japanese NavyIs ready to take the number of active submarine increased to 22 aircraft, plus the boat with 2 ships, submarines possess will reach 24 aircraft.Japan's expansionThe submarine forceScale, is to strengthen in the field of conventional submarines, with "quality and quantity combination" mode, promote its to Asia-Pacific underwater control ability.

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