Feb 12, 2010

Which Actress Works on the Side as an Escort? [Blind Items]

She doesn't need the money, she just likes the kinky thrill. Two stars who need the cash are battling over a part and a fourth celeb is fighting with an eating disorder. To the victors go the spoils!

1. "This Golden Globe nominee/winner actress is probably C list. Despite the Golden Globe nod and being in one of the more famous movies of the past 20 years, she doesn't get much attention. She does however have a very, very kinky sex life. How kinky? Well, I am glad you asked. She has been known to hire herself out as an escort for the night. She doesn't do it for money. She does it for the thrill. She uses different photos in her ad and will throw on a wig when she goes to see the client. It probably would have stayed a secret except her loser ex-boyfriend who she supported has a big mouth." [CDaN]

2. "There are two gorgeous actresses with a similar look and of a similar age who are frequently up for the same part. A juicy role came along that both girls wanted. Actress A – who had previously worked with the film's director – was approached early in the process, and was basically told that the role was hers. The director then did a project with Actress B. He expected her to be professional but somewhat of an ice queen. Not only was he bowled over by how genuinely warm and friendly and funny she was to work with, but he was also thrilled to find that she garnered rave reviews from both male and female members of the cast (something that Actress A had failed to do). He asked Actress B if she would like the lead role in his new film. To say that Actress A completely flipped out when she found out that the director decided to replace her with Actress B would be an understatement. There was some serious screaming, swearing, and crying involved. Well, at least Actress A is probably well stocked up on waterproof mascara." [Blind Gossip]

3. "This young B/C list starlet hasn't been getting much work lately compared to her contemporaries. She is convinced it is because she is a little on the pudgy side (if bone thin means being fat). She is on a dangerous diet plan limited to cabbage and Diet Coke, and is even paranoid about drinking water because it she believes it has too many calories. The idea is a terrible one, and probably won't do anything to her but give her a trip to the hospital. So dangerous and dumb! Not Rachel Bilson." [BuzzFoto]

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