Feb 13, 2010

The Tantrum-Throwing Tot Police Had Committed [Problem Child]

Yes, a Florida 6-year-old went so bananas at school two days in a row that the police had to have her thrown in the looney bin. She kicked, screamed, threw things, and punched her pregnant principal in the belly!

The first day, according to the documents posted by The Smoking Gun, after throwing a phone, calculator, and other thing across the principal's office, the police had to put her in hand cuffs to calm her down. The second day, after another hour-long fit brought on when her teacher asked her to do something, she was so inconsolable that police brought her to a mental health facility to get her anger management issues in check. She was released shortly after that. Next time your kids start whining about wanting ice cream for dinner, just think of this and be happy.

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