Jan 25, 2010

Which Actor Gets Hard During Love Scenes? [Blind Items]

This A-lister's boner should be considered an occupational hazard. Also getting pokey are a famous husband exploiting his open marriage, and an actress who has taken up with the producer of her show. Someone needs to call HR.

1. "Which A-list married actor got overexcited filming a love scene with a much younger starlet? The director was forced to pull the actor aside and order him to calm himself down after he made the young actress 'extremely uncomfortable.'" [P6]

2. "This B- list actress from two back to back hit dramas and her celebrity significant other are in an open relationship. Well at least he considers it open. That is what he tells all the women he meets anyway." [CDaN]

3. "This C list movie and sometime television actress is trying to escape from her church because she doesn't think they have given her the support they give other celebrities despite the money she has given them. And the secrets." [CDaN]

4. "This married B list mostly television actress from a hit drama who gets confused with a similar actress has been having a long term affair with a producer of her show. His wife kicked him out and now he wants our actress to leave her husband. She refuses." [CDaN]

5. "Which magazine columnist invited mostly billionaires to her birthday party, and after they'd left, opened the gifts and commented on how cheap they were?" [P6]

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