Jan 26, 2010

What's in #tips Today? [Tiplist]

We get lots of suggestions every day, even from people who work here. Nick liked a photo; Foster is proudly "fucking retarded." And a suggestion at never-ending-open-thread #crosstalk: watching a show we're not liveblogging? Feel free to do it there!

  • Foster Kamer wrote a defense of Rahm Emanuel's use of the phrase "fucking retard" for his other job at Blackbook and we didn't link to it.

  • Nick Denton likes this picture looking down from the top of a New York skyscraper and we didn't use it. Not Gawkery enough.

  • HollyQE2 kept us updated on sad search for missing college student Morgan Harrison, whose body was probably found this afternoon.

  • Erika Stevens notes that Monday's edition of the New Orleans Times-Picayune sold out following the Saints clinching their Super Bowl berth on Sunday. Tomorrow on Poynter: To Save Newspapers, the NFL Must Turn the Super Bowl into a 32-Team Battle Royale.

  • vitajex is planning a viewing party for the release of Tucker Max's poop movie DVD. Are you?

  • Terrafractal thinks NBC's selection of The Tonight Show rerun was a sly diss of Conan.

  • Uncle_Billy_Slumming finds a funny video of Arianna Huffington trying to sing and dance.

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