Jan 21, 2010

What's in #tips Today? [Tiplist]

From the #tips page: layoffs at the Guardian, journalism still doesn't pay, and Radiohead is the new Dave Brubeck. Think about it. Meanwhile over in #crosstalk, someone is looking for a good recipe for BBQ baked beans. Can you help?

  • GlasgowRose reports that a San Francisco-based writer for the UK's Guardian announced he'd been laid off on Twitter.

  • tse-tse-fly brings us news that our Navy is incapable of protecting the nation's Strategic Red Bull Reserves.

  • Botswanna Meat Commission FC has a stern warning for any youngster considering making a living typing on a keyboard.

  • Good to No observed Luke Russert doing some investigative journalism.

  • williamburger11211 was not impressed by the style of the staff of recent Time Inc. acquisition Stylefeeder.com.

  • Uncle_Billy_Slumming discovered the cross-over appeal of Radiohead and Dave Brubeck. Same people, different decades.

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