Jan 21, 2010

Prop 8 Trial: Great Lawyer on Side of Good for Once [Lawsuits]

Ted Olson, the attorney who won Bush v. Gore, also won today's Supreme Court campaign finance decision. He is basically terrible! But here is the twist: he is arguing for gay marriage in the ongoing Proposition 8 suit!

The guy has a great record of convincing the Supreme Court to hurt America. Will he be able to convince one wacky California judge to help America? We are actually going to go out on a limb and say "yes, probably." But the real test will come when the losers appeal. The anti-gay case so far has been, "marriage is only for making babies and gays can be cured" (those are literally the best arguments they have).

This is part of the reason why the anti-gay people really, really did not want this trial televised or streamed online: their expert witnesses are crazy bigots who matter-of-factly say vile things about gay people. Like William Tam, who should be testifying today! Tam, a chemical engineer and self-proclaimed expert on gay-child-sex, was an original sponsor of Proposition 8 and one of the voluntary defendant-interveners in the lawsuit. Then he tried to withdraw from the suit because he was concerned that people would notice how bigoted he is.

The Prop 8 Trial Tracker is a wonderful resource for keeping up with what is going on as it happens, in lieu of video. But video does exist! We are just not allowed to see it. The Equal Rights Foundation actually claimed to have video for broadcast earlier today, but that claim has been removed from their press release (and it might've just been language left over from when the trial was going to be streamed, before the Supreme Court intervened).

It should go without saying that it would probably be totally wrong and immoral for someone to like sneak a Flip camera into the gallery and then send video of the trial to a scummy gay gossip blog.

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