Jan 20, 2010

What's in #tips Today? [Tiplist]

Today: fat people in planes, Edgar Allan Poe and a new use for duct tape. Meanwhile, over in the #crosstalk open forum you missed the opportunity to chat about babies in bars with me and balls with Foster.

  • Claire Buoyant notes that Air France has banned the obese from its economy section unless they're sitting next to an empty seat. This would have come in sooo handy the time I spent a flight to Charles de Gaulle crammed against the fuselage while two two-hundred pounders read diet books.

  • m4ximusprim3 then wiped the smug look off my out-of-shape carbed-out face.

  • xyzpdq wonders if we would like someone to "write a first-person account of what it's like to be a female sex addict in recovery." Sounds perfect for #crosstalk!

  • The Lone Scout says that high school kids in Britain are being forced to make their prom garb out of duct tape this year.

  • quatrevingtquatre suggests this tax season you drop your alcoholic leprechuan pimp as your CPA. Really, you will enjoy the minute you spend watching this video.

  • Rozelle's Bagman points us to a sad story that we didn't get to in time: the anonymous person who has brought cognac and roses to Edgar Allan Poe's grave for the anniversary of his birth for the last 60 years did not show up yesterday and is now feared to have passed away.

  • GlasgowRose (who's a big fan of the UK's Daily Mail) points to some recent fashion coverage in that fine trashy tabloid.

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