Dec 14, 2009

Which Actor Likes to Invite Both Men and Women Home for Threeways? [Blind Items]

This guy uses his celeb girlfriend as a pimp. She brings home tricks for ménages à trois, and he dates them. He looks even more the cad next to a generous actress and comedian. There's still good in the world.

1. "Girl A just can't seem to catch a break. This gorgeous actress wanted to please her equally famous significant other – an actor who we'll call Boy A – for his birthday. His fantasy was to invite a second girl to a join them in the bedroom. So original, right? He begged for this for months, continuously assuring Girl A that it was going to be a one-time thing. Girl A finally caved in and invited some random pretty young thing (Girl B) to join them for a one-time party. She even wrapped a red bow around Girl B so that Boy A could unwrap his gift. Unfortunately, Boy A liked his gift a little too much and started seeing Girl B on the sly. When Girl A found out about it, she went ballistic (not surprising, as she has a tendency to do that).

To try to calm her, Boy A told her that he would do absolutely anything she wanted. Well, to get back at him, Girl A decided to invite Boy B, a working actor, to join them for a romp. She wanted to give Boy A a dose of his own medicine, and thought that Boy A would be incredibly jealous of Boy B. Unfortunately, that plan backfired too. Boy A enjoyed the festivities a little too much, and has since started seeing Boy B on the side. Even we were a little shocked to hear that, as we had never heard of Boy A going in that direction before." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This one was a bit of a shocker to hear, but hey, it's Hollywood so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This C list movie actress got her big break recently and on the set of her big break got involved with her married A list movie actor co-star. They have continued to see each other since shooting wrapped." [CDaN]

3. "This gorgeous B- list movie and television actress with a string of hit television shows and movies as co-star but not the best luck as star doesn't always get the biggest paycheck but she is really good in donating it. In her last two projects she has donated her entire paycheck to a shelter that houses homeless women that have been the victims of domestic violence. She also volunteers her time at the shelter and tries to get as many of them jobs as possible on her productions." [CDaN]

4. "This C list comic actor who used to be A list and on what seemed like every show on a network for awhile was at an event for one of his children. The event was to raise money for music programs. The school was just trying to raise enough money for one year for one class. Our actor wrote a check that will allow the program to hire two teachers and fund their salaries for the next five years." [CDaN]

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