Dec 18, 2009

New York Snow Storms Throughout the Ages [Winter Wonderland]

Snow is coming! Snow is coming! In New York City, this is either the best or the worst thing that can happen. Let's reminisce on what the city looks like when it's buried in ice crystals.

Public works uniforms were so much classier in 1896. [Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery]

We weren't sure if this Harper's Weekly print from 1899 was showing cops engaged in random acts of torture or some forgotten form of public service. Google says both: rubbing snow on your frozen ears is a horrible way to prevent frostbite. [Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery]

The sign offers free straw hats for sweltering weather. We're sure no one in 1905 took advantage of those on this day, when the snow was piled up on Broadway. [Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery]

Female workers at the 1939 World's Fair have some fun playing in the white stuff. [Image via NY Public Library Digital Gallery]

A man takes a very New York approach to shelter when braving a 1996 Blizzard. [Image via Getty]

A giant pile of snow nearly shut down Sixth Avenue after a snow storm in 2003. [Image via AP]

The "saffron" of The Gates project in Central Park is set off nicely by the white backdrop in 2004. [Image via Gaspi Your Guide's Flickr]

Sometimes, you just have to make the best of it, like this optimistic fellow in 2006. [Image via Getty]

Yeah, your bike isn't going to do you much good today. This was just last March. Look at what we have to look forward to![Image via Getty]

Yes, and that is just one more reason why we live in New York. [Image via Yatta's Flickr]

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