Dec 16, 2009

Weirdo Self-Hating Mormon Jew Promises to Fight DC Gay Marriage! [Probable Closet Cases]

Washington DC will allow gay marriage, yay! But because DC is not allowed to govern itself, the legislation can still be revoked by the US Congress. No one in Congress really wants to get involved. Besides one Republican hero!

His name is Jason Chaffetz, and he is pledging to use his (nonexistent) power on the House Subcommittee for DC to overturn the gay marriage ordinance, in the name of Mormon values.

Here are some amazing fun facts about Chaffetz that Ken Layne taught us:

  • He is from San Francisco.
  • He is/was Jewish.
  • He is the son of Kitty Dukakis.
  • He apparently decided to rebel again his liberal Jewish San Francisco family by going to Bringham Young on a football scholarship and converting to Mormonism.
  • His father, John Chaffetz, wrote book in support of Gay Marriage.

This fucking guy. If he wasn't a vile wingnut Congressman bigot we would almost feel bad for Michael Dukakis' idiot stepson, having all these weird issues all out in public like this.

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