Dec 17, 2009

Are U.S. Drones Really Being Watched With a Simple “Satellite Internet Downloader?”

Either the WSJ hasn't taken their anti-crazy pills or there is something severely wrong with the military industrial complex. I'm betting on both.

The story says, essentially, that insurgents in Iraq are "taking control" of our pilotless drones with a $25 piece of software called SkyGrabber. By "take control" the WSJ means "download video feeds from" and by "software" I mean essentially a satellite network snooper.

Now I'm not a rocket scientist, but it looks like what is happening here is that Iraqis are pointing their satellite dishes into the air and watching for downloads. This would be approximately equivalent to packet or token sniffing that, if I'm not mistaken, is popular with teen l33t haX0rz.

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