Dec 15, 2009

Which Actor Is Waging the War on Christmas? [Blind Items]

Hollywood is trying to ruin Jesus' Birthday for America, like this actor who told kids there is no Santa. Not as awesome as a dirty photographer or a rapper trying to patent a sex move, but still a cool move.

1. "If you were at The Mall Of America this weekend in Minneapolis you might have seen this very good looking B-list actor from one of those network initial shows. He was walking through the mall when a woman stopped him and asked our actor for his autograph. No problem. The actor obliged and even took a photo. So, where is the Jackass behavior? Well, the actor asked the woman what she was doing in the mall. What, is this like pick up time? Anyway, she pointed down to her 4 year old twins and said they were about to get in line to see Santa. The actor then bent down to the kids and said, "You should know by now there is no Santa." He then walked away." [CDaN]

2. "This hip-hop ‘rapper' is so confident of his moves in bed, he is currently in the process of having one trademarked. We kid you not, the man is trying to put a copyright on a sex move. He bragged to friends that once that is done, he plans to launch a whole marketing scheme around the name. Underwear line, men's cologne, etc. No word yet on the name of the move (the celeb is keeping it super secret) but we're currently trying to track down anyone who has had the pleasure(?) of experiencing the move firsthand so we can see if it is all it is cracked up to be. Not Sean John/Diddy/Puff DaddyCombs." [BuzzFoto]

3. "It's great to have hobbies. This guy loves to sing and he loves to take photos. All of those girls whom he has bedded over the past few years should pay attention to the second part of that statement. If you wondered why he asked you to come home with him for the night, watch out! He's just waiting for you to fall asleep so that he can take some photos of you in your birthday suit. Before you start popping Xanax, though, you should know that he doesn't really have any intention of ever making those photos public. However, the possibility alone is one of the reasons why none of these women badmouth him after dating him." [Blind Gossip]

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