Jun 1, 2009

Which Be-Oscar'd Actress Has Resorted to Grabbing Guys' Junk Just to Get Attention? [Blind Items]

Today we have a rapper on E, a crazy long Cannes item, an Oscar-honored actress spiraling down into tabloid tackiness, a hedgie with a wayward teenage son, and a celebrity stylist who tried to swindle a TV chef.

1) "Which sexy rapper was rolling on Ecstasy during a recent VIP event?" [NYDN]

2) There is a very long and involved Cannes item over at CDaN.

3) "This gorgeous Oscar nominee/winner has officially dropped off the A-List. We don't mean to be catty, but she is turning out to be the exact opposite of a class act. She hasn't had an acclaimed starring role in a film in several years, so she has descended to that most desperate of tricks: making out in public with another famous actor. What makes this especially pathetic is that she proceeded to grab the guy's privates as he stuck his tongue down her throat." [BlindGossip]

4) "Which embattled hedge-fund biggie is suffering more now because his son is misbehaving in school? The boy was disciplined and suspended from the private school's baseball team after he was caught smoking pot." [NYP]

5) "Which celebrity hairstylist really snipped her career by double-billing her biggest client, a TV chef? When the stylist's other clients found out she'd been fired, they also let her go." [NYP]

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