Jun 6, 2009

Video: On Slow News Days, Ridiculous Blowhard Bill O'Reilly Targets Parents Of Cute Kids [He Hates Your Kids]

Not that it's news, but jesus, O'Reilly, you're a dick. It's Friday night, everyone's about to enjoy their weekend, and what do you do? You bring on the parent of some cute YouTube sensation kid, and skewer him.

As any good editor will tell you, a "slow news day" is never a good excuse for any kind of slacking it, hacking it, or general tomfoolery. Bill O'Reilly sure knows this rule good and true! So: How better to fuck up everyone's fairly nice Friday evening than by trying to humiliate a parent who had fun with his kid?

Background: this kid went to the dentist and got wasted on some nitrous. His dad buckled him in the backseat and interviewed him, and it got 22 million YouTube hits (not a joke). The entire thing is hysterical, except, not to the morally outraged.

Bill got a little "queasy" himself towards the end there, as you can see. Little does he know that "David After Dentist" is becoming a full-on fashion trend, and soon, drugged-out, gassed-up post-dental-op zombies are going to be roaming the earth, killing, stealing, and raping for their next huff of the can't-get-enough. And they will all be taking! Video! Of it! The revolution will be televised! Except not, because these are just people who left the dentist, being cute, and you're just a guy who has never had a day of fun in his entire life. Or a good laughing gas high.

By the way, the 'David' in 'David After Dentist' is fine, and looks to be growing up like a fairly normal, hyperactive tween, as evidenced by the sober cuteness here. I'm sure his babysitters hate him.

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