Jun 4, 2009

Sorry Ladies, Party-Boy Prince Liam McMullan Is Betrothed [Area Ring Put On It]

Young tomcat scenster Liam McMullan (son of photographer Patrick) is officially off the party market. Well, at least where romance is concerned. The little lad (he's 21) is engaged to his girlfriend Aesha Waks after a month-long courtship.

Guest of a Guest got the news from the happy couple at some sort of yachting party last night, where the pair partied it up with Waks' approving father.

"Yep. I'm in love. I found my soul-mate," the young master told GoaG about his aspiring-actress bride, before showing off the his and hers love tattoos the couple got on Tuesday. (They're each other's names, on their biceps).

No wedding plans have been announced, though we'd guess they already have a photographer lined up.

So yay for New York scenester love! Perhaps our most everlasting commodity.

Image via GuestofaGuest

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