Jun 5, 2009

Only Sin Can Solve China's Man Problem [Sex Wars]

China is like some crazy backwards Opposite Wonderland! There are so many more men looking to get married than there are eligible women that overenthusiastic dudes are constantly getting scammed out of their "bride prices." Nevada has a solution!

In China every family only wants to have boy children, thanks to communism, and now there are 32 million more marriage-aged men than there are women! So guys pay these outrageous "bride prices" of thousands of dollars to land a lady, and some enterprising ladies have learned to go "yoink!" The Chinese term for "Gold digger" is "Runaway bride."

Meanwhile in Nevada, USA, brothels are battling their slowing business by adding more male prostitutes. These guys would charge $250 an hour!

Clearly Chinese men need to earn money being male prostitutes for unmarried ladies, then pay the ladies that money as a bride price, then the ladies run away to hire more male prostitutes, and the cycle continues happily.

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