Jun 2, 2009

New York Rich Kids Show to Make the Case for Being Old and Poor [Brave The Children]

Growing up in New York and turning out to be a complete dickwad is a hallowed city tradition. Teen fictions like Gossip Girl have shed some fake-ish light on the plight/privilege, but now a reality series (on Bravo, of course) is poised to blow the story wide open.

It's called NYC Prep and it premieres later this month and judging by just-released preview clips... whoooo boy. Basically it's potato-ish looking teenagers talking about money that's not theirs and you know, trying to act like they live the sweet (suite?) life, when in actual reality no real child of Upper East (or West, I guess) ivybots would ever be allowed to be on a tacky TV show.

But who cares! Look everyone! Horrible, horrible children that will someday be responsible for supporting your old ass when Social Security finally evaporates forever. My "favorite" so far is some creature ludicrously named PC who is overly-styled and professes to have a crush on Ingrid Bergman (gag) and likes fancy clothes and fancy restaurants ("STK... more of a lounge feel") and, duh, wants to be an actor.

So, I'm crying. Only I can't tell if it's from joy or sadness.

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