Mar 19, 2014

Upload the iPhone panoramic photos to Google maps

Google maps Street View service (Street View) can be a very interesting feature, users can through the streets of Street View to see the world, free to travel around the world, while Google has recently opened its Street View photo upload service, users can use their mobile phone or digital camera will be captured by the panoramic photos uploaded to Google maps, Internet users around the world are likely to see your photos, it makes the already popular service, there will be more popular trend in the future.
Official Google introduced how to use the Android 4.2 Nexus uploading street view photos to Google maps, but for a lot of iPhone users how to operate, Google doesn't specify, today, I will introduce the iPhone users upload panoramic photos to Google maps.
IPhone camera while bringing the function of shooting panoramas, but not a 360 - degree Panorama, so we need to use a third party's 360 - degree panoramic photos application, here I chose 360 Panorama of the application, Microsoft's Photosynth free application can also be used as an alternative.
360 Panorama shooting panoramas method is very simple, set up access to geographical location, with mobile phone, and then turn the body slowly, until they capture the whole area of photos, usually need to rotate shot several times to complete.
Shoot, in "panoramic photo library", open the already took photos of a panoramic view of point "sharing" - "import camera film", will be a panoramic photo is copied to the iPhone photo album inside, then connect the USB to panoramic photo copy out.
The next step of operation is added in the panoramic photo XMP metadata, the simplest method is through the site (visit) over the wall to upload photos, after conversion photo to download. It is important to note that this site is a conversion tool will not submit your photos to Google maps.
Download good photo, you can begin to upload photos to Google +, upload before, first confirm their own "Google + Settings", has been selected "to the full size to upload my photo", in addition, the "automatic enhanced the effect of the new photos and video" option is the best choice, too.
After access "Google + photos", click "upload photo", will be a panoramic photos uploaded to Google +, normal, central image displays a panoramic photos.

The final step is to submit your photos to Google maps, visit the Google map landscape site, click on the top right corner "add Google + photos", just upload panoramic photos inside chosen, pay attention to the format wrong pictures will not be able to be selected, choose the right pictures after submission.
After going to wait for Google to review the photo, usually after 2, 3 days later, Google map will be sent an email to inform your photo has been approved, at that time, the user to access the international version of Google maps, the yellow people drag to the specified location, you can see you with panoramic views of the iPhone to upload photos.
Google maps can be opened to the ordinary user upload street view service, is exciting and excited, the future will be more and more users to upload the high quality of the street photos to Google maps and share all over the world park, train stations and airports, such as street view content, now, just pick up your camera, to participate in Google's "national view" plan.

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