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Kevin durant and lebron: history of the NBA small forward

2009-13 in the four seasons, lost three MVP lebron package, and Kevin durant is three times the regular season MVP vote the second; If given the durant bag off three leading scorer in four seasons, another belongs to the melon.
Unless some miracle, this season MVP is not escape from Kevin durant and lebron palm, he combined with melon, the league also monopoly score the top three. Although Paul George recently state anymore, but if the end of the season now, he can still 2 array. On a small forward so prominent s is what time?
Well, the "Slam Dunk" era... You see, xiangbei rukawa, ling nan sendoh, FengYu is fierce, south mountain Wang Youze north, are all small forward as a trump card.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Okay, seriously.
A small forward on such a prominent when s is? Well, in 1981. That season's MVP ballot qualifying: first, Dr J Byrd (they are very close to) 2, marquis - Johnson 6 (don't throw a person, in front of him is day Moses and ice hook, personality, and the playoffs that year he come with Dr. J you I went to war) and the Wilkes, ten Dan trey (averaging 31 points 6 rebounds, 4 assists shooting efficiency 56%) 12, 14 Bernard - gold. I.e., the former MVP is two small forward, another 14, before six small forward.
As is known to all, Dr. J and eastern Byrd's supremacy STH over and over again until 1984, and then Dr. J old; Throughout the 80 s, the small forwards are very lively: 1983-84 listed JiBoDe first regular season MVP, second is that year Bernard - gold, the sixth, Dr. J, dent, 7 11 o our view. Byrd final MVP in 1986, second is the human essence. Jordan first MVP season in 1988, the NBA has to enter the second small forward prosperity:
Byrd is domineering (every 30 points, nine rebounds and six assists 53% 53% rate three free throw shooting rate 92%). Wilkins each 31 points 6 rebounds 3 assists; Eng leishmaniasis, view o, dent remained active, James worthy, given that the NBA finals MVP.
But this is the last evening. After Byrd, back in 1988, the NBA into brief era of piston, Jordan and magic (they share the four MVP of 1988-91), followed by Jordan, four center, Charles barkley and glider and Utah's second-oldest era, that time is the best small forward pippen and hill; Jordan retired, sharks and Tim Duncan was dominated, Shared the nine championship in eight, of course, Duncan have to weber, dirk and KG each and entangled in the power forward position, and the media love to "label" game, headlines basic to defenders: from kobe Bryant, carter to McGrady, even iverson and ray Allen was mentioned by the media from time to time requirements, even Pierce is playing point guard in 2004. Then is rushing to guard, from Nash VS kidd to Paul VS deron to master rose VS wei... Until 2010 years later, lebron and durant secure hill, the small forward to open another piece of rivers.
Distance between bird and Dr J free artificial league era, thirty years have passed.
Why is that? Because the small forward evolution.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
To talk a gossip outside first. I have a friend, "Slam Dunk" editor, interviewed 2011, durant once. When asked if durant: will develop playmaking ability like lebron James?
According to what he said, when Kevin durant is a: small forward main will score! Playmaking that is attached!
- I don't confirm the true and false, may he kidding me? But the assumption is true, this is a problem: small forward, what should do?
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Before talking about the evolution of the small forward, have to clear first one detail:
Larry bird what position?
Small forward? But he is 206 cm tall (and his chief partner Cedric - mas, 1981 win the finals MVP in the history of the grassroots, I bet even talk celtics fans tell his jersey number); Is often the team chief rebounder (Byrd career averages of 10 rebounds, pressed his partner McHale and mas, 15 rebounds per game in the 1981 finals); Often against the opponent's power forward; And it has the best right back in the history of the body's skills.
Power forward? But the offensive end, Byrd and actually wander in the periphery, let McHale and mas, in the activities of the area (mas, only the stability of the periphery attack is two points of cic), and more into old age, the bird like organizer: 1986-87 season he is averaging 28 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, you too hard to determine the goods attribute.
That, about the location of the bird, mas, in 1981, says: "when defending, I'm the 3, larry is 4; attack, I more activity in the basket, he fluttered in periphery."
While scoring 1983, alex - Bryan English too a pure pure small forward said:
"Bird, big or small forward, he is a striker."
Then, the latter hold the key.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Whatever you believe it or not, NBA early no size "forward" the classification. In fact, 30 to 60 s of the 20th century, to determine the position of our existing division: two guards, two forwards, single center. Basketball at that time, the basic setting is double guard couple, two strikers fall flanks, single center area. So you will not understand west and O is shooting guard or point guard, don't understand why the Elgin baylor - a 196 cm of small forward, is averaging 13.5 rebounds, don't understand why the '60 s defender is mostly about 188-193 cm, and forward 198-203 - cm - mostly because that moment, guard and forward, their functions are overlapping. So you remember back in the 60 s, it is hard to think of a real "pure point guard" or "pure power forward", tai O, west, greer look like dual-energy who, because they all this. Baylor ye in a 1986 interview words is:
"I don't care the opponent is power forward or small forward, opponents to I will prevent bai!"
So, early striker, attribute is relatively simple: defense, they can prevent to turn around and also can prevent surface defect, and also bring rebound; The offensive end, they would first have to back down, then walk is no ball; They need the cic, the basket ball, if will be passing, and dribbling breakthrough, it's an extra special. So the striker is in the 70 s, chuck and rick - Barry, just had dribble organization attributes. Of course, chuck is less also, in the main by walking to the waist to the ball; Barry is love, but that's because he's too cattle to coax, feel the earth in addition to the balding, didn't what he make uncertain.
UCLA wooden, grandpa, there is a significant reform. He started 1-4 setting, the location after differentiation:
Double guard + single forward + single center, start into a single couple + double wing + double post. So 2 increased the flanks attribute from the back, the 3 from the flanks increased the backcourt properties, fusion become swingman; Increased from 4 floor paint properties, into a big striker - in the NBA, wooden, grandpa's biggest believer is Sloan, so you remember: often put his team and 2, 3, 4, 5, mix, but point guard is unique. This is his routine.
In this revolution, the 3 gradually changed.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
1980-81 season, is the first in the NBA the 3 times: Dr. J and Byrd took MVP ballots before two, marquis - Johnson column 6 bucks. Can say, baylor started the prototype of the small forward, perfected his Dr J, like all point guard wants to learn how to Jordan after so many years. The small forward standard routines: quick, elegant, a moderate, can complete complex score action, can in the perimeter shooting, but mainly by the agile movement and attack the basket to play. Marquis - Johnson is a model of this kind of player, as for the bird, as mentioned earlier, too full.
So in the 80 s, the breath out of the large number of small forwards in the NBA, actually four years before Jordan began when scoring, scoring from four different small forward: eng leishmaniasis, dent, Wilkins, gold. Plus 1983 score second score second view, professorial vandeweghe, 1984 isn't high on Dr. J and Byrd, and busy with brush champion worthy, it is gorgeous and small forwards in the NBA.
In fact, say it is not afraid of you don't believe it: in 1988, "SI" when writing an article or even think, Philadelphia very dangerous monster Sir Charles barkley and cut inside the pace to turn around and not outstanding but fierce Karl Malone is small forward! - of course, the two goods later, respectively, to finalize the design became a classic power forward, not to mention.
Why small forward will come after the dilemma? In fact, in the late 80 s, the small forward has a little problem. View and dent, 1988 famous swaps, telling: the calf to off our view o be overjoyed, think he is a scum; Piston is the assassin for off dent, because he is a cancer.
In the late 80 s, star small forward is mostly an attribute:
Good at scoring, but that's about it, to defense and organizations are lack of contribution. Small forward gradually became a soldier creature, in the 90 s, though, considering the big dog Robinson can still score such as confidence, but small forward fall; Pippen and grant hill is a comprehensive type instead of small forward got seriously, but then, universal in Jordan, defenders are to control the ball. At the beginning of the 21st century, the NBA has a perimeter swing's eruption: kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady, carter, ray Allen, and even jerry stackhouse, can brush good data; But they play, like a shooting guard than like small forward.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
After the trend, it is such a change.
2004 NBA rules after the reform, the breakthrough hands get preferential treatment; The successful example of the sun, and let the team found that "looking for a group of three split open space, accused of golfers ball breakthrough" is if only one keeps the color, so at that time, can score type double who, like gilbert arenas, Roy, Evans, and even young master, is popular. But lebron is unique, with small forward physique, the fact that a point guard. Then, the success of hedo turkoglu more presents a new formula:
If the organization focus, transfer to small forward, will be how?
So, we see the appearance of today.
Lebron play into the line, is referred to as "Jordan + magic", a grade playing point guard, playing point guard, grade 2, grade 3 secure forward, on the same. Since then, he from a breakthrough point, exercise skill unceasingly, added a jumper, surface defect, threat of three singles, back body organization, no ball go attributes, finally arrived today, one of the most comprehensive monsters have skill.
Kevin durant from one into the line, is a no ball type of natural scorer; Dacheng, grade 2, grade 3 to become a leading scorer, uniting the ball attack four grades, grade five after began to give oneself add tissue properties; To this season, durant every 5 assists, and already has all the scores from ball to ball skills. Master not in that moment, the thunder is to rely on his pick-and-roll survive - a actual height 210 centimeters tall guy a pick-and-roll support team?
They two people, once is the style of the poles - lebron good ball breakthrough and the ball, not a jumper and without the ball, Durant good walk and jump shot, not the ball and the ball - but now, increasingly close. They are small forward, but it is not purely a small forward. They just keep growing and become comprehensive, let oneself can influence the game from the Angle of which covers.
In fact, says Byrd can use Bryan English words to describe: Kevin durant and lebron is not small forward - they just forward.
Traditional small forward, that is, in the 80 s because of the small forward who is it? Is a melon. He has Dan's general one-to-one feeling at that time, a view that o damage and offensive rebounds to fill into the penalty area, cic as quickly with Bryan English, have the feel and Bernard - gold back.
And new small forward, is Paul George like this: he into the row, the humble striker + defender, a typical 3 d player (3 + defense), but always can practice ball attack, now is a comprehensive holding a sharp-shooter technology. He tried to do a bit of everything, from various aspects to influence the game. He may be in this life are not like a melon, continuous play 40 minutes or even brush 60 points to save the team, but he didn't even feel can also play.
So if a 18, melon 6 only on line 5 times, New York is big trouble; But George if so, is not afraid of: he has other work.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
So, the advent of the era of small forward, is not the victory of the traditional small forward. More, so to speak, is lebron James, Kevin durant and George, in the function of the small forward position of the widened. They follow not Dr J, but Byrd - top - hill the pulse of the tradition in an all-round way.
In fact, it s also good chance is, indeed, all the small forward: they happen to be on the field the most moderate, and also the most players of all kinds of possibilities. Think about: batum in practice skills, can brush three pairs; The elder brother of dara notoriously what can do; Parsons has increasingly become harden, the most active variety of rocket attack vectors; This is the new small forward to the star walk path: becomes more comprehensive, go back, go to the ball breakthrough, ACTS as a screen, go without the ball away, passing, from even more angles influence the game.
So when flow chuan maple to king mountain, finally tried one fall after passing, anxi the teacher will be excited to clench fist squats. Because from then on, the flow chuan maple list to pick from a one-on-one, became will pass, will use the three threat, will grasp the rhythm, can organize the team all-around striker - male inoue, the teacher not only lebron can model a priest anticipation out, even the small forward history to see very clear!


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