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BBS is dead?

BBS, the word is not all strange to many people in the Internet, for the sake of taking care of readers of young people, I make a brief introduction: is English BBS (Bulletin Board System (electronic Bulletin Board) or Bulletin Board Service (Bulletin Board Service), in fact, we usually say "BBS" is.
I've always thought, the history of China's Internet, in fact is from BBS. , after I graduated from university, began a net when on site is often shuimu tsinghua, had an impact in college students. Know later, there were reporters often on the web site, call already; There is a sports fans on the website, often called richwin, later developed into the now sina, are BBS. BBS until five years ago, of course, is a fire, for example, tianya, often because of a little hot fact and can become a hotspot of current politics news source; Mop once very fire, and is considered to be synonymous with BT; Tiexue BBS, meeting places, are thought to be military enthusiasts, baidu post bar, also can saying is the history of BBS on a representative product, although the product failed to sell in baidu, and even some BBS is very popular in every place. BBS, is, in fact, Chinese Internet companies have been the standard, many sites, all start from BBS, a lot of network language we used now, began popular BBS.
Later, the QQ group, appeared happy net, weibo, BBS gradually lost popularity. So many people say BBS is dead. This is a rather old netizens feel sad is one thing. As old Internet users surf the Internet every day and focus in the field of Internet entrepreneurs, I also thought, BBS dead as a doornail. Not long ago, the quick way online for a post by authorities warned that violate the rules, I just ask colleagues to stopped speed road network BBS section: no people interaction, to manage the BBS and need a lot of manpower, more major is, no customer care if you have a website BBS, keep BBS and what is the value?
This time, however, tencent launched micro communities on micro letter, again let I gradually began to change this view. Micro letter public account, although the micro letter, but has since the mainstream media wave form is there is no doubt, many people by micro letter public account access information has become a daily habit. Daily, however, a couple more one-way transmission, there is no doubt that restricted the public account of the interactive performance, in fact, each has a number of common interests public account to subscribe to the user interaction is a kind of natural demand, if there is a micro communities such products, and public account, can not make up for the problem of insufficient public account interaction function? If, micro letter public account since the media has been gradually replaced the traditional PC web page, the micro communities is the era of mobile Internet BBS? Micro communities might it cannot replace the once popular baidu post bar?
Heard that, the community of the helm is well-known entrepreneurs to Mr. Dai after 80, however, I did not communicate with him, whether he is envisioned. When Mr. Dai founded Discuzz once is more than 80% of Chinese BBS system technology providers, by tencent bought before two years, I believe, Mr. Dai must hope to be familiar with the BBS in China development, BBS put him back in the glorious era, continued into the era of mobile Internet.
Fann said disorderly yue: BBS low tide, there are a variety of reasons, but I believe that nature or desktop Internet to the mobile Internet era of change. If you have any suitable products and technology to form, BBS in the new era, perhaps really have the possibility of rebirth. Just don't know, at that time, whether there will be a variety of network marketing aimed at micro communities, haunted by various water army micro communities. Walk while see.(文/范锋)


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