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Kevin Durant:The history of the evolution of from leading scorer to rulers

In 2006, durant graduated from oak hills high school, university of Texas. Height 206 cm, weight 206 kilograms, sage like type. scout reports said he was good at long shots, critical moment score, potential, shorter than low, midrange singles, strength attack. He can play two forward position, but not for power, prefer noodles basket attack. Combined with spidery hands long feet, all over the sky net on rebounding ability, as well as the name "Kevin", scout reports cautious said:

"As so high, so a good shot is a rare... his playing style, have a bit of Kevin garnett in."

That season, he is a can run can jump to shoot spider-man.

A year later, in 2007, before the draft draft website NBADRAFT by his unique besotted, finally had to move out of dirk + McGrady - of course, to be fair, durant is not particularly like Tracy McGrady at that time.

A freshman he played a famous single-game 37 points and 23 rebounds. A freshman he, reflect fast, keen consciousness, arm length. Only by height, arm length, and shooting, run and jump, is sufficient to sweeping college basketball. High shot release point, finger delicate such as instrument, moves fast, bold, there has been a great striker need movement skills. Speed, height, coordination, rhythm manner. He is accustomed to the night with a jumper to solve the problem: a 208 cm high, can run a good jump shooters. As 2005 years ago, the galloping with Nash helped dirk.

But he is too high. His breakthrough ShiYunQiu is too high, the ball is not good. He is too thin, not enter inside. So into the NBA in the first two months, he was like a big crane involved in "modern times" Chaplin face machine, hurry-scurry, can only face the obstacles to long shots over and over again. This situation continued to the end of 2008, and then...

As is known to all, the end of 2008 in early 2009, Brooks coach new, durant to small forward. From then on, durant started to take off. The 2009-10 season, he became the youngest NBA scoring champion.

The advantage - 206 cm tall, long before he was acting like octopus arm of the arm, shot release point almost flush basket, delicate fingers feeling, the big cuts like Clyde drexler, speed, coordination, rhythm, can be anywhere within 8 m away from the basket shooting - remain. When his opponent para small forward, his speed and dribbling out freely. After all, second-year point guard, he not sway opponents, open to try a jumper. And after he came to the small forward position, the NBA small forward all freaked out: he faster, higher, more nimble, and as long as you give him step in space, he would immediately jump over your head.

And, in addition to the shooting, he had another threat.

His ball and dribbling skills have improved, he has a pair of astonishing ostrich leg. So, the 2009-10 season, his signature routines is Hamilton type without the ball, light around many screen wall, catching and shooting. If you don't save, he will sell directly. If you tried to block, he will be like a glider in the 80 s, took his long legs, on a breakthrough. He stride length is too big, as long as two steps from the three-point line up to the basket, hair is flying a kite, dunk.

Imagine: a Hamilton can run made a guy like that, long dirk's height, and as the first step in two long legs + glider, how do you prevent?

But, when he is still a level of the regular season. In 2010 the first round of the playoffs, artest to accept "SI" interview, noses at durant heads-up ability, only emphasizes "their team is very good at setting up screen wall!" Indeed, the score, durant was built on his ball on the board. So, in 2010 first round against the lakers, scoring only 35% field goal percentage.

But it doesn't matter, he was still young. And, as Kevin durant mother says: this is a since middle school mountain training crazy run eight kilometers a day.

In 2010 world championships, durant hardware upgrades. He from a striker of shooting + breakthrough attack the basket and break through the hand, to a "pure scorer" evolution. His ball breakthrough + step back jumper stunts, his step distance test jumpers, he take the ball outside the three-point line, left hand dribbling long legs strong step process; He can catch turnaround jumper at waist. Key of the first world war in 2011 to the nuggets, he sprints, a half to the free throw line mass ejection oblique eight after a very difficult; Game 7 against Memphis, he lifted the wave section 3 consecutive 3-pointers, then is the bottom line of the two empty grafting, brock passing dunk finish.

His empty cut + + shooting the ball breakthrough already had a big framework, but the 2010-2011, he was gradually become delicate. The projectile more after his breakthrough, often cast of people outside the penalty area, long arm spin refers to a low hand projectile. He is no longer needed his teammates gave him to set up the screen wall, can solve problem yourself holding one-on-one.

But the 2010-11 season, we have no chance to see real durant. Brooke has grown because of that year, Wisconsin, mastered the thunder of the ball, starts to score. While durant began to go the other way:

He already has a scoring champion, not from 28 minutes or 30 minutes a game, up to 35 points... So, 2011-12 season, and he tried to brooke composition similar to wade + lebron type combination: ball, assault, attract double points. Durant can more freely one-on-one ball breakthrough, called screen, can be stopped moving urgent cast, mass ejection, perimeter back behind her back. His left hand dribbling breakthrough, changing hands to speed up, have great progress. And most importantly, he has been willing to pass the ball before, but this year he finally able to cut the empty out, move the ball and moving dribbling all together, to be a good passer. 2012-13 season, he improve his efficiency, he lost the leading scorer, but every 28 points and eight rebounds, 5 assists comprehensive degrees, catching up early bird - and, he and terrorist 51%, 42% rate of three points and shooting 51% rate of free throw. Considering his 81% of the attack by the jumper, it was 51% shooting some shock.

But it was not until the playoffs, we didn't see the real durant.

2013 playoffs, the rockets game 2, injury, brooke, Kevin durant. Involve took off, after nine games, he averaged 32 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, including four after the rockets, averaging 36 points, nine rebounds and six assists.

On the one in the playoffs so do all-conquering person? Lebron James in 2009.

Came to 2013-14 season.

Wiese brooke were injured, really bad for the thunder, but for durant, it's like a reason, and an opportunity.

- before this, durant has been no opportunity, also do not have necessary, monopoly on offense. Weiss brooke organization, he can set his mind at to be a scorer. As he always humble attitude, he didn't, also have no reason, to become a big guy took data.

- but the 2013-14 season, he needs to face the following problems:

Wei young master, the thunder need him to take over.

Wei young master, the thunder didn't anyone come with him to power.

Master out, if at the end of the season the thunder could hit 60 wins, or so, the world will wonder: "wow, durant led alone two months, also can hit record so scary!"

Early - 2002-03 season, sharks out for four weeks. Bryant during the 40 + played three games, two games three pairs, the six 10 + rebounds, and has since become the team's chief ball holder 1 attack choice, never to the sharks - even in the return of the shark.

A step further:

Over the past four years, duran three unique is the second season MVP ballot, the first is lebron James.

So, even if he hasn't the MVP in hand, but the world recognized: he and lebron after the day of the first one.

And he is now, have a reason, also have the opportunity to, out of your cold and convergence, a shocked the world showed. Finally we want to see, since 2010 has been master covered, durant's true strength.

So, we saw so far this season, his performance.

Durant in real data, this year is his assists. Not passing skills progress - more strictly, his passing gimmick than melon super good, seen melon in 2009 as the natural understand - but from the side of the axis of the Denver nuggets reflects his true decisive progress:

In the past, his shot, move, attack the basket is perfect enough, but the lack of a chain, connect these; But this season, his dribbling true to the best level, a combination of his dribbling, shooting and passing, i.e. one ball, commonly known as the ball, the better. He is no longer a striker, an end, a scorer at quarterback, a passer, but these together with a complete, comprehensive, follow one's inclinations.

So, all follow.

Had the ball all understand, like Kevin durant now, press the center of gravity dribble dribble guarantee low enough, then pull the ball jump shots, center of gravity change, not only by hand, have to the body. In fact, durant now exercise capacity, than his rookie year. Listening to the strange: this is the younger the can jump, can have more long more?

That is the case.

University in 2007, durant is very thin, so play the whole, light, although when he shot accuracy, but from the ball to get up, is a force in the process of storage; Now, to see him play better:

Move along, stop, hurry up, my legs power there.

Wing cut out, a leapfrog, ball, hurry up, jumping height very surprising; For the warriors that war, Barnes several ball go to great lengths to jump, or seal durant's Angle.

Move travel, stop, curved legs, aloft, hold out a bosom, balance, adjust, arms in the air the ball out.

These things, rely on is no longer a handle, and the power of waist and abdomen, legs and whole body. As lewis that half DianEr type, many striker is fine; Ray Allen that whole body tense of bowstring, the world he alone one person.

The growth of the power, does not necessarily reflect on the stiff muscles. Durant progress so far this season, from his screen, he play with, to his speed, shooting aloft, explosive attack the basket, in addition to the skills, as well as his over the years, a little bit of the power of growth.

Complete a monster to temper, never not just happen overnight.


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