Feb 4, 2010

Which Oscar-Nominated Actress Loves to Share Her Growing Porn Collection? [Blind Items]

We all need a hobby and logging a library of fetish films is just as valid as knitting. This singer lost all her money thanks to her husband's extra-curricular boyfriends. This actor's spends his off-time creating on-set drama. Relax, everyone.

1. "Some rich people like to collect coins or stamps. Not our Oscar nominee/winner. Our actor has a huge and growing collection of porn. While technology has advanced so that you can order it up on your TV in the comfort of your own home, our actor gets a lot of deliveries. Turns out that they prefer the really nasty kind that you have to order over the internet. Two more interesting points here: One, our actor is female. And two, she enjoys sharing it with her also-famous best friend." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This one sounds complicated in my head which never works out well when I write it. So, this former ensemble reality star and now an actress and singer who is probably C- list based on career but B+ based on name recognition is trying to make as much money as possible. I guess everyone is, but it turns out that her husband siphoned off most of their money when they got married. He said it was for investments but what he should have said was it was going to be spent on his various boyfriends and partying with them. Our singer/actress doesn't want to get divorced and have everyone said I told you so. Therefore she just smiles pretty for the cameras and pretends he doesn't exist." [CDaN]

3. "They say silence is golden. Well, they never stepped foot on the set of this hit series, where months of growing tension between the showrunner and the leading man has led to a complete breakdown in communication. "They are no longer speaking to each other," confides a staffer at the hour-long drama. "Things are really bad." At the heart of the conflict: The actor feels his boss is focusing nearly all of his/her energy and attention on another project. And when said exec does decide to contribute to the show in question, it's at the last minute - thereby throwing the scripts "into chaos" and delaying production. It's only a matter of time before the network or studio is forced to intervene… again. That's right, this is just the latest backstage conflict to erupt on the unnamed series. But given the parties involved this time around, this new dust-up will prove much more difficult to defuse." [EW]

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