Feb 6, 2010

What's in #tips Today? [Tiplist]

On the #tips page: racism, breast bombs, and South Pole whiskey. On #crosstalk robina says a friend tried doing "sexy face" for Facebook. "Instead, she looks like a muppet who is attempting to take a dump while standing."

  • RussianTaco says the cop who sent a racist email about Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is no longer on the Cambridge police force.

  • Samtagious provides a way to watch kids shoot themselves in the head. The internet!

  • flugennock has the latest on the James O'Keefe-is-a-racist saga: alleged pictures of the literature being handed out at the table he was allegedly sitting at at the allegedly white supremacist conference he attended. Allegedly.

  • filthy strong says there are now reports that terrorists are going to smuggle bombs as breast implants.

  • Uncle_Billy_Slumming posted Alexia Tsotsis' comprehensive decision tree on whether you should buy an iPad.

  • momof3wildkids links to either an interesting story or an elaborate liquor ad: the whiskey Shackleton dragged to the South Pole has been discovered.

  • DahlELama says one of those unreliable Which Rich Movie Star is the Richest lists pegged Emma Watson as the top earning actress of 2009. I thought it was supposed to be Sandra Bullock?

  • tigolbitties reports that Tila Tequila's Twitter boycott lasted all of three days.

  • Tracy Kennedy has been watching Lady Gaga's Grammy performance even more closely than Brian's been watching for her penis.

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