Feb 2, 2010

Mark Sanford Was an Impossibly Terrible Husband from the Start [Messy Divorces]

Barbara Walters is preparing to air another interview with Jenny Sanford about her Argentine-mistress-having husband, and boy is he looking like an awful mate. He insisted she remove the "faithful" clause from their wedding vows, and that's just for starters.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford also gave his wife the following romantic gifts: a drawing of half a bike, then on another occasion the drawing of the other half, then "the $25 used bike." Then this one time he gave her a diamond necklace, and took it back after she fell in love with the thing. Finally, after Jenny found out about his South American dalliance, he kept telling her she didn't love him, since she wouldn't give her permission to visit the mistress again. Mark Sanford is a staggering intercontinental cad, and you should buy the book his wife is promoting so that she can buy herself some proper presents.

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