Feb 2, 2010

Kari Ann Peniche Tries to Keep the Naked Threesome Magic Going with Novelty Song [Desperate Dancing]

Remember Kari Ann Peniche the former beauty queen and possible madam from our Eric Dane-Rebecca Gayheart chat à trois video? She is still around, now with a dance single about the most famous moment in her life.

Ms. Peniche was always obsessed with fame and now that it's starting to fade, she needed a whole new gambit. She "leaked" her dance track to RadarOnline. Along with some horrible beats and lousy singing, the lyrics include, "Hey doctor, doctor, I think I need some help. Sometimes I can't seem to control myself. Naked tape, Miss Teen, articles on TMZ, Christian Audigier and paparazzi stalking me." Oh, the postmodern poetry of it all! The chorus goes, "You and me and Tiger makes three," possibly in a headline-grabbing reference to Tiger Woods (a sex scandal way bigger than hers), but she tells Radar that it's based on the stuffed tiger she keeps on her bed. Uh, OK. Anyway, welcome back Kari. We're sure this is going to tear up the Billboard charts and you will not be quickly sucked back into the black hole of obscurity. Not you, Kari. Making fun of your own scandal is gonna make you famous! Like Ashley Dupre famous!

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