Nov 12, 2009

Should Nintendo Fear The Apple Juggernaut?

These days, when people aren't talking about the Apple Tablet, they're talking about how Apple's next target is the Big Three gaming companies. The iPhone will topple them! iPhone is a revolutionary gaming device! Well, certainly a little optimism is warranted; the iPhone has inarguably changed the landscape of mobile phones, personal media players, and to a lesser extent personal computers. Why shouldn't Apple extend its holy sovereignty to gaming?

It already has, in fact. But Apple has come kicking and screaming the whole way. The iPhone, you understand, was not meant to be a gaming device, and in Cupertino, Apple's intentions are paramount. Apple could never accidentally create a platform for gaming; if it wasn't meant for gaming (or enterprise, or medical use, or reading e-books, etc.) from the beginning, Apple doesn't want it happening at all. Because if Apple didn't intend it, it's outside of the bounds they set into the platform (regardless of how well it works, much like tethering) — it breaks the mold and, ironically, that's the last thing Apple wants. And there are plenty other reasons not to expect Apple to jump into the gaming arena any time soon.

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