Nov 12, 2009

Facebook Coming To PS3 In Mystery Update

Some leaked screenshots from Sony show a PS3 running with what looks like a native Facebook client configurable. There's also a new photo browser and the ability to change the color of your gamercard, but at those features I make a dismissive gesture— thusly. A Facebook app would be handy, though a constant stream of status updates from heavy players might be lead to mutings by less gaming-orientated friends. "Devin found a new item!"

There's one small picture of Facebook on the PS3 (yes, that's all there is), and it's not even of a client. It's a user accounts configuration screen that happens to include Facebook. So it's not much to look at, but it was traced to Sony UK's site, so we're pretty sure it's legit. Sony "doesn't comment on rumor or speculation," obviously, so we won't be hearing from them, but it would be ridiculous to think that a all-in-one entertainment device like the PS3 wouldn't have Facebook on it eventually.

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