Jun 8, 2009

Ad Agency Sex Tape Inspires Short Film [The Cinema]

Remember that infamous ad agency sex tape that "surfaced" last year? Sure you do. Now it has inspired a real cinematic short film! In this way we contribute to the arts.

The writer, Cami Delavigne, explains:

HATCHET MAN is short film is about a guy who fires people and then has to fire himself because he shot a couple screwing in the office and sent it to a friend who blasted it on the Internet. I was inspired in particular by your funny comments on the lackluster sex. As a freelancer at BBDO, I know firsthand that the tape was shocking only until your Gawker article allowed everyone to admit that it looked like a pretty bad lay. I enjoyed writing that voice in the Boss and the lonely hero who thinks the sex is exciting and dirty.

Matt Boren (MOMMA'S MAN) stars with a cameo by Billy Warlock ("Baywatch"). Phil Manley of Trans Am did the score. And oh, we are the only people in the Netflix contest that chose to shoot a separate short film to represent our feature. All the others pieced together trailers. We also followed the rules and only submitted a one sentence description of the film, whereas others gave dissertations. Hence, we confuse people. But I still really love the film. So thanks.

Thank you, filmmakers! You can go and register your support for this (and future) blog-sex-scandal-to-Hollywood films at NetflixFindYourVoice.com. We haven't watched the other contestants but as far as we know they're not based on surreptitiously recorded cell phone video of ad execs fucking, so screw em.

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