Jun 11, 2009

Martin Scorsese Wants In On that Cheapo Horror Movie Money [Trailer Park]

When you heard that Martin Scorsese was directing an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane novel called Shutter Island starring Michelle Williams, Leo DiCaprio, and Ben Kingsley, you maybe got as excited as we did. Well, calm down. It looks awful.

Judging by the just-released trailer, anyway. Basically Mark Ruffalo and DiCaps sport rickety Boston drawls and go to a badly-CGI'd island off the coast of Beantown and... creepy stuff happens. People jumping out of cages and saying ominous things in whispered tones, and then apparently everyone goes camping with Patricia Clarkson.

So many questions we have about this one. Is this some sort of stab at J-horror relevancy by the aging Scorsese? Did he try to get Sarah Michelle Gellar but she was just busy or something? What's with the really bad special effects? Maybe is it just going to be a fun thriller with a particularly bad trailer? Only time will tell.

The only thing we do know for certain is that we're a lot less enthused about the project than we were just a day ago.

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