Jun 10, 2009

The Internet Has Spoken, and It Wants to See More of Hoda Kotb's Cleavage [Today In Today]

The Terry Gilliam-directed fourth hour segment of the Today Show continues apace. Today the show's online correspondent showed up with a report on what the internet people were talking about, and apparently it's Hoda Kotb's cleavage. She should flaunt it!

Because the internet really likes her cans. Embarrassed, poor Hoda tried to cover her busty display with her hands and a vase of flowers, but it won't help. Now that Kathie Lee has gotten wind of some weakness or self-consciousness in her Egyptian enemy, she'll exploit it and needle at it until Hoda flees the scene and the show is Kathie's... Allll Kathie's. The beginning of the end is here, Hodes. Prepare for more boob jokes.

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