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How To Ensure Forex Earnings68

Safety,Skill, Strategy and CMAA
Many of you are searching for a key ingredient to insure your forex trading results.
Active traders spend the time to learn how specific indicators can insure their forex earnings and increase there level of safety.
Explore the CMAA video at to understand the brilliance of an anomaly hunting program that virtually insures your successes in the Foreign Exchange Market and any other market for that matter. Carefull evaluation of each currency pair or stock inevitably increases your earning potential. The work it takes to make wiser choices is completely eliminated and accomplished in far less time.
Specific correlation with multiple indicators and time frame overlays coupled with CMAA can guide you towards the perfect trade.
What is the Perfect Trade?
First and foremost the perfect trade within the forex market considers absolute safety.
Money management implements 10 or 20 day rollover time frames. Take the money you have to trade and divide the number of days in your rollover plan.
If you have $20,000.00 to trade you may want to consider 20 days of rollover for extreme safety.
Take $20,000.00 and divide by 20 days.
The above calculation provides you with the number of dollars you are willing to risk in trade on any given day. Then take the $1,000.00 you have calculated in this example and use a split ratio of 4 assuming you are trading with mini lots and controlling $25,000.00 in currency. This makes your margin requirement $250.00 for every contract. You now have flexibility and safety built into your money management strategy.
There are many examples of money management strategies included in the forex homework library located in the site listed below..
Build your safety net around the dollars you have to trade.
A good rule of thumb is that the more dollars you have with which to begin trading the more rollover time you want built into your money management plan.
Develope your abilty to read the indicators associated with a perfect trade. has provided excellent graphics in their software package for traders in the forex market.
To learn more about the indicators that clearly define the perfect moment in the perfect trade go to
There are many examples of the perfect trade provided in the above site that will help you be able to clearly visualize your trade and define the best buy into your trade.
Specific projected targets will insure your success in the forex market. Know what direction the trade is likely to turn to more accurately choose your entry point.
Understand that within every forex trade there is a perfect moment defined by a better buy into your trade. Bollinger bands, 15 minute bar segments, the CCI index, and the Relative Strength Index are but a few of the combined indicators that willl help you to attain mastery over the perfect trade.
Refer to the forex homework library and register to gain access via password protected pages to forex perfromance reports that will change your trading habits and dramatically increase your earnings forever....


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