Mar 28, 2014

The iPhone security guidelines

Abstract: the iPhone security strategy is to enable "find my iPhone" function in advance, best to set a password lock screen (Settings - general - password lock). Loss after the iPhone, login iColud immediately, in the "find my iPhone" enable "lost model", and then set a unlock password, and a piece of information, please leave your contact number, remote lock the phone, in this way, the thief in addition to dialing setting number, the other can't do anything, into DFU flash also need to enter the Apple ID activation.
IPhone is a higher price on the market a mobile phone, so it become the first target of a lot of the thief's eyes, then the iPhone after lost or stolen, what should I do? As iPhone users, we should pay attention to in our daily life to prevent mobile phone stolen at the same time, also want to learn some skills to get the iPhone, or after the iPhone lost to prevent leakage of personal information.
More and more application of the intelligent mobile phone, there are a lot of and the relevant financial and business critical applications, for example alipay, online banking, dynamic token, E-mail, etc., once the iPhone was stolen, the user of the net silver, E-mail and pay treasure will face a huge risk, such as the user is likely to be so lost more property, therefore, even if they can't find phone, minimum should be also prevent others to view the contents of the cell phone.
The most basic method of retrieving lost iPhone, in fact, apple has given, apple launched the "find my iPhone" function is specifically for the iPhone was stolen, this app is very practical, can the satellite location on the map the location of the iPhone, you can also send messages, remote remote locking or remote erasing the iPhone inside information, and will also be able to send the voice to iPhone, even if can't find back the missing iPhone, also can remove the privacy information in the iPhone, minimize losses.
"Find my iPhone," the use of specific methods, in the "privacy Settings - - location-based services", open the location services, then select the last "find my iPhone", open it. In the "set - up to" open "find my iPhone".
Set up is completed, if the user's mobile phone is lost, can use the computer or on another website of ripped open the "find my iPhone" on a mobile device application, click on the "find my iPhone", then you will find the iPhone location, and to display the location on the map, because the Chinese map policy issues, there is no offset only satellite maps, then click on "lost model", if your phone had not set password lock screen, click on the lost mode, it will prompt you to set the password, after input for a contact phone number, then enter the information send the missing iPhone, then click finish.
At that time, the lost iPhone will be locked, and show the owner set of information, in addition to dialing setting number, the other can't do anything, have to enter the Apple account, password lock screen to unlock. If others into DFU flash, reinstall the system, install after restart the iPhone, the equipment must be connected to the Apple server for activation, if flash before your iPhone to enable the function of "find my iPhone", Apple server requirements must be used before the Apple ID to activate the device, use the account can only be activated the device for the first time Apple ID account, other account can't use.
In this way, the thief not use, want to sell mobile phone, cannot use others, even if the thief teardown sell parts, main board is locked also won't someone to, is equivalent to the iPhone into a brick.
In the low version of the iOS, however, the thief as long as the "lost mode" shut down before the commissioning of the owner "find my iPhone" function, and then enable the flight mode, you can gain control of the iPhone, the owner in the "find my iPhone" will find that the equipment has been offline. Thus, in the latest version of the iOS system (iOS version 7.0.6 above), Apple upgrade to strengthen the function of "find my iPhone", the user closes the "find my iPhone" function must enter the Apple ID password, if you don't know your Apple ID password, will not be able to cancel the "find my iPhone" function, so even through flash cannot gain control of the iPhone.
Way, off the iPhone's own security policies, in fact, the most should consider setting up a shutdown password options, after opening requires a password to shutdown, ordinary people use iPhone can a few months to turn it off, usually only the thief would need to be immediately shut down, if there is no shutdown password, the thief didn't have the tools it is difficult to remove the iPhone's battery and SIM card, so will be in a long time can't turn it off, at that time, the owner can leisurely to quickly locate by "find my iPhone" mobile phones and enable "lost mode" lock.
The iPhone didn't, of course, this function, so, for the low version of the iPhone, set a password lock screen is necessary, though may cause some inconvenience to use it, for the iPhone 5 s, cell phone can be unlocked by fingerprint lock screen password, so it is more convenient, if the user set up after the thief couldn't open the cellular phone set, if possible, try to upgrade the iOS version 7.0.6 +.

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