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Into the mysterious Google X laboratory

In recent years, Google Google X laboratory by the outside world for a series of avant-garde technology projects. So Google this laboratory is stem what of? It is all in r&d which projects? Technology site Pocket - lint recently on Google X laboratory in detail:
Google last week announced that they are developing a smart contact lenses, can test a person with diabetes tears of blood sugar levels. And this is just one among many strange project in Google X laboratory.
In recent years under the name of Google X with Google glasses, self-driving cars these names, but there are still many people do not know what on earth is the laboratory, in this article, we carried out a thorough for Google X laboratory analysis.
What is Google X?
Google X is an institution affiliated with Google, many years ago has been known by the outside world. Collection of the laboratory with Google many unusual ideas and creativity, some of which may never be known by people outside the laboratory.
Google X is a major goal: through the stunning research projects, and the companies such as AT&T and the bell laboratory used to take the lead to complete breakthrough and classic work similar - to disrupt complacency in the tech world.
You can use it as the "Manhattan project" in the technology industry. In other words, Google X to forever change the world as the Manhattan project inoculation of the atomic bomb - at least by bloomberg businessweek is described Google research laboratory.
Google X is to break the shackles of thinking and into the future. It wants to in the past 100 years of unprecedented way to product development and innovation. The New York times claims that Google is trying to achieve by 100 a grand idea of listing. Only a small part of them are released, which is why the outside world will see Google X as a "secret".
Google X in what place?
Google X research laboratory at the mountain view, calif., Google Googleplex headquarters of half a mile away a two-story red brick building.
As to there is what kind, according to businessweek, walking in the park you might see a fountain, company of bicycle, meeting rooms with frosted glass, automatic driving the car, there is a space elevator and graphic whiteboard.
Space elevator is not Google X ideas, but their internal a joke, the purpose is to let others guess what on earth are they doing.
What is "moonshot"?
"Moonshot," is a crazy idea or project is unlikely to achieve, it is likely to be only one over one million chance to science.
Google specifically described moonshot, as a radical solutions and breakthrough technologies are needed to solve the enormous problems. As a result, a moonshot, need a lot of money, even if the project may never have any results.
In addition to Google co-founder sergey brin, Google X also led by Eric "Astro" Teller. He is Google X "chief moonshot" - this is mainly because of his talent, and the gift from his grandfather Edward Teller, the father of the hydrogen bomb inherited.
SXSW conference in Texas, Teller says moonshot, is very important, because "when you're trying to be a very difficult thing, the way you deal with the problem and when you do something will gradually progress is not the same."
He added: "when you consider a problem can be resolved even if you don't know how to solve, you will be something you can think of. It will enhance the value of 100 times, but will not be difficult."
What are the main Google X project?
At present has been confirmed by Google and introduced the project include:
Project Glass
Project Glass in 2013, was aimed at developing augmented reality called Google glasses wearing a display.
Google glasses's goal is to replace the experience of smart phones, let users don't have to start work can make a phone call and take photos, browse the web, and obtain relevant information. It also hopes to open the ubiquitous computing, let people can out of from the bondage of desktop computer.
The Google Driverless Car
As the name implies, Driverless Car is developed by Google X automated driving technology. It debuted in 2011, by the Google street view joint inventor Sebestian Thrun led.
Although Google X has said in the summer of last year, they have made more than 300000 miles without automated driving accident, but the technology is still in for his approval and lobbying in the United States. Auto makers for Google X related technologies adopted seem to be very slow, some companies have even begun to develop their autonomous vehicles, including BMW, Tesla, Volvo and audi.
But Google has definitely. According to businessweek, sergey brin said at the beginning of last year, he wants to spend more time in the future on a Driverless Car project. Brin said Google glasses have "completed", this shows that the Driverless Car need his continued work and more attention.
What Google X there are other projects?
Google has confirmed that the project is as follows:
Project Loon
For those who are difficult to obtain network connectivity in rural areas, Google X has a unique solution. It is called the Project Loon, Internet signal transmission by the balloon to remote areas.
In particular, the system USES the balloon floating away with the wind, they height is double that of commercial aircraft in the air, can be transmitted to the ground and now the 3 g network speed similar or faster network signal.
Google said two-thirds of the world's population have no quick and reliable network connection, but the Project Loon wants to change that. In June 2013, therefore, Google X 30 balloon, released in New Zealand for a testing team is made up of fifty people experienced by the balloon brought about by the network.
Smart contact lenses
Google X announced this month, they are for people with diabetes develop a smart contact lenses. Due to a tiny electronic components (chip), sensors and antenna, it can measure the wearer tears of blood glucose levels, and will continue to send data to form a complete set of equipment.
Google X hope in his contact lenses embedded micro LED lights, can be too high or too low blood sugar through the flash to remind the wearer. In addition, they are still looking for partners, to their own product to market.
It is interesting to note that the concept of smart contact lenses are not fresh. As early as in 2011, Microsoft and teamed up to develop a similar project at the university of Washington.
The Internet of things
Google X and iot projects. According to the New York times reported that Google in May 2011 developers conference once described the Internet of things as a form of the object connected to the Internet.
Google is an Internet company, so they develop networked home accessories and wearable devices are logical. But we don't know whether Google X will be in the Project outside of Glass to explore the Internet of things.
Recently, Google bought smart home company Nest, it shows that they are still interested in networking household sector.
The neural network
This may be a Google X less attractive on a project, because it is too technical.
Google neural network project in 2012, it basically is to rely on a semi-supervised learning style to speech recognition and object extraction from video. The project application direction in the future including image search, speech recognition and machine translation.
According to the New York times reported that the neural network research projects have been transferred from Google X laboratory to a supervision and Google search business and related services sector, so it is no longer a Google X project.
Rumors of what Google X project?
Google did not identify project is as follows:
Is Google X is a new technology for construction industry development, called Genie.
According to Archdaily reports, Genie development team to sergey brin to submit a report to describe the Genie of into a cooperation platform based on the cloud. The platform has a "link in the design, especially on the design of skyscrapers and large construction help architects and engineers plan to apply for", and contains "planning tools for professional architects and engineers, and advanced analysis and the simulation tool".
Genie can save 30% - 50% of the cost of construction, as well as planning and marketing between 30% - 30% of the time, still can generate an income of $120 billion a year. In fact, the Genie team already send the prototype to architects and industry experts, and received good response. Therefore, the project is currently in development of -- but not Google X. A company called Vannevar Technology Inc, a subsidiary of reportedly developing Genie.
Google Barge is part of the Google X?
You can say that. In October 2013, three mysterious floating building in San Francisco and harbor, Maine, each related to Google, people guess is multifarious.
Reports SFGate in December last year, according to the three Google floating dock building will eventually be in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. They are called the Hangar 3 part of the project, the project worth $35 million, and each building will become the Google glasses retail stores.
The Calico is part of the Google X?
Isn't. Time magazine reported that Google released in the autumn of 2013 is a moonshot, life extension project, but is not affiliated with Google X. This also means that Google is not limited to the Google X moonshot project. For example, Google's commercial robot project is also considered moonshot, although it does not belong to Google X.
Solve For X is what?
Solve For X is described as a "think tank" project, it get money from Google X.
Solve For X project was originally as Solve For X website released in February 2012, Google hopes to partners can be considered a BBS to Solve international problems. Solve For X also aims to encourage technical moonshot, thinking and teamwork.
Eskimo authorized hardware invention released again


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