Jul 13, 2013

The people's Liberation Army East held live-fire drills include Island capture subjects

Moderator: in July 11th the Chinese people's Liberation Army conducted live-fire exercises in the East China Sea is located in the North West, exercises the Diaoyu islands.

Explanation: according to the Ningbo Maritime Bureauissued a notice to Mariners No. 9, area of the East China Sea and the actual use of weapons training specific time has been determined, for hours of July 11, 2013 to 18, in the following waters within firing exercise. The actual use ofweapons training period, to prohibit any ships into thewaters, and subject to site alert ship command. From the map view, the area is located in the northwest of the Diaoyu islands. According to the previous record of the East China Sea exercises, this exercise is very likely the airsea battle,including coral reefs, mastery of the air and sea battle.

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