Jul 13, 2013

The news that China stealth drone attack has been successful first flight

Explanation: in fact in the United States of America X47B UAV in May this year for the first time the aircraft takes offthe occasion, human development from the development ofthe news without china. News that is called the sword ofChinese stealth drone attack flight success, according tothe network exposure photographs have pointed out, the UAV using a flying wing configuration, and the United States of America's X48B, France's stealth drone identicalneurons. In addition, the UAV loading surface presents a triangle, to reduce import and nacelle height, is very beneficial to the anterior and lateral stealth.

But the analysis thinks at the same time, the key is to solveunmanned stealth pneumatic integration, to promote efficient and automatic target search and precision strikeand other key technology.

Li Xiaojian: UAV as the future direction of development of the aviation, we also follow closely the direction of development, if the "sword" UAV development goes well,then according to its unique design, as well as thespeculation of its mission, so it is very possible to ship.

You Shengxun: "Liaoning" will direct the development ofattack unmanned type, I think that there will be problems,because if the attack unmanned type words, cruise missiles, defense missile can do, why to do a carrier-based aircraft? The plane has a plane of existence goal, againstattacks ability, so I don't think China's "Liaoning" recentdevelopment direction will not attack aircraft

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